10 Interesting World Facts

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World Facts will tell the readers about earth and living organism who live on it. The human civilization is the most important thing to discuss for they occupy the world. The definition of world is varied depending on the context. The world is defined as a physical universe according to the philosophical context. Let us get other details about world below:

World Facts 1: end of the world

When people state about the end of the world, it has something to do with the end of human civilization or human history.

World Facts 2: the history of the world

The history of the world is often defined from the development of geopolitics, which took place for five millennia, which spans from the first human civilization until today.

World Facts

World Facts

World Facts 3: earth

The term the world is often synonymous with earth and globe. Earth is recognized as the third planet in the solar system where the sun serves as the center. The only object in the world known for housing the living organism is earth. Check facts about Wetland here.

World Facts 4: the age of the world

Can you guess the age of the world?  The scientists believe that the world has been set up around 4.54 billion years ago.

World Pic

World Pic

World Facts 5: gravity

Gravity of the world interacts with other objects in the universe such as the moon and sun. The natural satellite of the earth is the moon.

World Facts 6: rotation

It takes 365 times for earth to rotate on its axis for completing one orbit on the sun. The length of a year in the world is 365.26 days. Get facts about valley here.

World Plates

World Plates

World Facts 7: the earth and moon

The ocean tides occur because of the gravitation interaction between the moon and earth.

World Facts 8: water

Water covers almost 71 percent of the world. The remaining one is land, which consists of islands and continents.  You can find other sources of water such as rivers and lakes on the islands and continents.



World Facts 9: ice

Ice can be found on the polar regions of the world located at the north and south poles. The magnetic field is produced due to the liquid outer core and solid iron inner core. Both are the proofs that the interior of earth is active.

World Facts 10: life in the world

It is believed that the life in the world is originated from the life from the ocean. The surface and atmosphere of earth was affected by the marine life. It was believed that the life on the world was traced back 4.1 billion years ago.

Facts about World

Facts about World

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