10 Interesting Coast Facts

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Coast facts always remind you with the beauty of the beach and warm sand. The people living around the coastal area are very lucky because they can enjoy the fabulous view anytime. There are many cities in the world located near the coastal area. If you want to enjoy romantic vacation, you can visit Bali or even Caribbean island. Look at the facts about coast here:

Coast Facts 1: changing look of coastlines

Coastline in each country is always changed because of the waves. The erosion of the salty water also makes the coastline larges.  The country which has the longest coastlines in the world is Canada. It is around 152,100 miles.

Coast Facts 2: people living in coastal area

It is estimated that 400 percent of citizens live around 93 miles or 150 kilometers of the sea. The data are taken from the UN atlas.

Coast facts

Coast facts

Coast Facts 3: tidal range

The shape and size coastlines in a certain country will affect the tidal range.

Coast Facts 4: a dynamic environment

We can say that coast is a very dynamic environment. Some factors which affect the shape of coast include the weather phenomena, waves, and sea level rise. The coast will be reshaped after it experienced the erosion, flooding and accretion.

Coast in Belgium

Coast in Belgium

Coast Facts 5: Africa

The longest coastlines in African are located in Somalia.

Coast Facts 6: a local ecosystem

The coast should be protected because it is the home to the local ecosystem.  The insects, animals and plants can be seen living in the coastline.



Coast Facts 7: coastline in Marblehead

If you like to enjoy wonderful tourism object with pleasure boating, you can go to the settled coastline located in Marblehead, Massachusetts. In the past, it was used as a fishing port.

Coast Facts 8: a public waste dump

It is so sad to know that the coast located in Tanzania is used as a public waste dump. The local people there live near the coastlines.



Coast Facts 9: frontier

The coast is not only used as place to live or to attract tourists. It is also used as the national frontier. You can see that the checking point of the country is also located there to avoid any illegal immigrants and invaders.

Coast Facts 10: pollutions

The human activity today is higher. The mining project sometimes is conducted on the beach. The waste can make the beach and coast affected. It makes the local ecosystem destroyed.

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

There are many ways that people can do to conserve the coastlines. You need to avoid throwing the debris and garbage on the coastlines. Don’t forget to avoid killing and destroying the coastal habitat. What do you think on facts about coast?

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