10 Interesting Orangutan Facts

Sunday, September 14th 2014. | Animals

If you like to study about animal, let me show you the interesting Orangutan Facts. Orangutan is included in solitary animals. They like living alone rather than living with other species.  It is quite different if you compare it with monkeys and apes. Get more facts about Orangutan here:

Orangutan Facts 1: maturity

Orangutan will decide to live alone when they come in the mature age. The male adults will spend 90 percent of their time alone.  To know whether orangutan is adult or not, you can see the fully developed cheek pads. The female will spend more of their time with the off springs.

Orangutan Facts 2: the two subspecies of Orangutan

You can find out the two subspecies of Orangutan by visiting the northern area of Sumatra and Borneo. For more than 2 million years, both sub species are separated each other.

Orangutan Facts

Orangutan Facts

Orangutan Facts 3: The Bornean’s Orangutan

The borneran Orangutan is different from the Sumatran Orangutan. You can find square head and big cheek pads on the bornean Orangutan. If you look at the Sumatran Orangutan, you can find vocal sacs, taller head and diamond shaped body. You can find no beards on the Bornean orangutan.

Orangutan Facts 4: The largest arboreal animal

Do you know that Orangutan is called as the largest arboreal animal in the world? The arboreal animal likes to live and climb the trees. To get the food, they will climb the trees and spend most of their time there.

Orangutan Images

Orangutan Images

Orangutan Facts 5: diet

The main diet of Orangutan includes the young leaves, ripened fruits, termite and vines.

Orangutan Facts 6: size

The size of male and female orangutan is totally different. The female orangutan is three times smaller if you compared it with the male orangutan. The male one has a very big, muscular and athletic body.

Orangutan in Sumatra

Orangutan in Sumatra

Orangutan Facts 7: Cheek-pads

The main feature on the male body of Orangutan is the cheekpad. When the male is mature, the cheek pad will be developed.    The cheek pad makes the head of the male orangutan bigger.

Orangutan Facts 8: the female orangutan and the offspring’s

The off springs will be carried by the female orangutan for five years.  The mother still suckles them for at least 7 years. The off springs will leave the mother when it is around 13 to 14 years old.

Orangutan Pics

Orangutan Pics

Orangutan Facts 9: the great ape

The only great ape that you can find in Asia is Orangutan. Get more facts about monkey here.

Orangutan Facts 10: the gentle nature

Even though orangutan is very big and muscular, actually it is included as one of the gentle animals in the world.



Orangutan is also a clever animal. You can find them using tools when they want to grab fruits.  Are you fascinated with facts about Orangutan?

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