10 Interesting Lobster Facts

Thursday, June 19th 2014. | Animals

Lobster facts provide the interesting sea animal. Lobster is considered as a big industry in the world. The demand in lobster is very high because people like to eat lobster. Have you ever eaten lobster before? The people who have allergy need to avoid this food. Let’s find out the interesting facts about lobster by reading the following post below:

Lobster Facts 1: red color

Many people think that lobster is available in red color. Actually you can find different colors of lobster. One of the unique colors is bright blue.

Lobster Facts 2: the young

Talking about the gestation period of lobster, this animal needs to take the young for 9 months.  It has the similar gestation period with human being.

Lobster Facts

Lobster Facts

Lobster Facts 3: life span

It is a surprising fact to know that lobster can live more than 100 years old.

Lobster Facts 4: part of body

Lobster does not have any central nervous system. As alternative, the animal is equipped with a lot of nerve tissues that you can find all over the body.

Lobster Food

Lobster Food

Lobster Facts 5: vacation

It is funny to know that lobsters like to travel.  Every year, they can travel more than 100 miles on the ocean.

Lobster Facts 6: claws

Claws are parts of a lobster. But not all of them are fitted with claws. To increase the growth of the body, lobsters have to shed the shells.

Lobster Red

Lobster Red

Lobster Facts 7: feeling

When lobsters are cut alive, they can feel it. Talking about the early life of a lobster, this animal has awkward behavior.

Lobster Facts 8: the older lobsters

You can find some lobsters walk hand in hand.  The behavior is used to lead the young on the ocean. Another animal living in Ocean in seen in Krill facts.

Lobster Image

Lobster Image

Lobster Facts 9: live sperm

The female lobster is unique. It can take live sperm for two years. The female can decide when she wants to fertilize the eggs and make the young.

Lobster Facts 10: chewing

When lobster eats the food, it will chew it using the stomach. It is so funny to know that the food is tasted by the legs.



It is not easy to find whether the lobsters are left hand or right hand. One thing for sure, lobster cannot live in shock. Are you fascinated with facts about lobster?

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