10 Interesting Chameleon Facts

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Chameleon facts bellow presents the information about a lizard like reptile. The animal is famous because it can change the skin color based on the condition to avoid any predator. Chameleon can be found in some continents such as Europe, Asia and Africa. Let’s see the detail facts:

Chameleon Facts 1: Chameleon

Chameleon is included in the genus Chameleon. The shape for the body reminds you with a lizard. There are fine granulations which cover the skin for chameleon. The animals have a prehensile tail with projectile tongue.

Chameleon Facts 2: Type of Chameleon

There are several types of chameleon that you can learn. Some of them include Madagascan Chameleon, Four Horned Chameleon, Veiled Chameleon, and Jackson’s Chameleon.

chameleon catches prey

chameleon catches prey

Chameleon Facts 3: Prehensile Tail

One for the main features to find in a chameleon is located on the prehensile tail. The tail is functional to grasp and wrap an object. Look at reptile facts to know more about the tail.

Chameleon Facts 4: Changing Colors

There are several conditions which make a chameleon change its color.  The mood, temperature and light affect it. Another colorful animal is found in boa constrictor facts.

Chameleon Facts

Chameleon Facts

Chameleon Facts 5: Name for Chameleon

The name for chameleon is derived from the Greek works. It is combined rom the word Chamai and Leon. Leon means lion, while chamai means on the ground.

Chameleon Facts 6: Eyelid

If you look at the chameleon in detail, you can see that it has a joined eyelid. The eyes are stunning for they can see two different objects and focus on different directions.

Chameleon in Colorful Look

Chameleon in Colorful Look

Chameleon Facts 7: Weight

Most chameleons have the weight around 100 to 200 grams. The length for these animals is counted at 37 centimeter.   Moreover chameleon has not ears.

Chameleon Facts 8: Habitat and Diet

Insects are the main food for chameleon.  You can find them living in forest, evergreen, rainy woodland and tropical area. They can live in the range of 8 to 15 years.



Chameleon Facts 9: Species

It is estimated that chameleon has 160 different species.   If you want to have chameleon as the household pet, you can choose the male one if you like with ornamented animal. The animals can really attract children because of the ability for a chameleon to change the color. It can be in green, pink, black, blue, yellow, light blue, red, orange, purple, turquoise, or even brown. The color changes are used for social signaling or even camouflage purpose. It can change the color within 20 second.

Chameleon Facts 10: Tongue

The tongue of chameleon is very long. It usually is counted longer than the length of its body. The tongue can be moved faster than a blink of human eyes. In a second, it can be moved from about 30 thousands. To eat their prey, they will use the strong jaws for crushing the animal.



If you have a chameleon at home, look at the feet for this lizard animal. The feet will remind you with tongs. The five toes are feet with a group of three toes and a group or two toes. Do you have any opinion on facts about chameleon?

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