10 Interesting Woodblock Printing Facts

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Look at Woodblock Printing Facts if you want to know one of the common techniques to print patterns, images or texts. The origin of the technique was from China. It spread through East Asia.   The Woodblock printing technique has been used by the Chinese people to print textiles and paper.

Woodblock Printing Facts 1:  the popular technique

In 19th century, woodblock-printing technique was popular to print textiles, books and texts in East Asia.

Woodblock Printing Facts 2: the Japanese art print

The famous type of Japanese woodblock art print is called Ukiyo-e.

Woodblock Printing Facts

Woodblock Printing Facts

Woodblock Printing Facts 3: European people

The European people also employed the woodblock printing technique for printing images on the paper.

Woodblock Printing Facts 4: before the invention of the technique

The people created impressions by using stamps and seals before the woodblock printing techniques were invented. Egypt and Mesopotamia had the oldest examples of the seals. Get facts about The Last Supper here.

Woodblock Printing Image

Woodblock Printing Image

Woodblock Printing Facts 5: how to create the print

The relief pattern should be applied carefully on the wood block. There will be white and black areas on the woodblock. The black part is used to show the images or characters. Use a chisel or knife to cut away the area on the woodblock for white part.

Woodblock Printing Facts 6: the print

You can achieve the intended print by inking the block. Then press it on the surface, cloth, or paper. Look at facts about the Color Wheel here.

Woodblock Printing

Woodblock Printing

Woodblock Printing Facts 7: xylography

Xylography is a study to call the carving art on woodcut. In English, the term is hardly employed.

Woodblock Printing Facts 8: color printing

Color printing is more complicated when using woodblock printing. One color is represented by one block of wood. Thus, a number of blocks are used to present different colors. There are three common types of woodblock printing. They are stamping, rubbing and printing in a press. When you do stamping, you have to put the fabric or paper on a flat surface. Then you can press the wood block at the top of it. It is mostly used to print fabrics.

Woodblock Printing China

Woodblock Printing China

Woodblock Printing Facts 9: jia xie

Another method of woodblock printing is developed in China. The invention took place in the fifth or sixth century. This method was applied for silk.

Woodblock Printing Facts 10: Diamond sutra

Diamond sutra written in 1341 is the example of the use of color in woodblock printing paper in Asia.  It contains red and black color.

Facts about Woodblock Printing

Facts about Woodblock Printing

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