10 Interesting Colour Facts

Friday, December 13th 2013. | Arts

Colour facts are necessity to understand for any of you. Well, different people have different perception about color. Color is basic concept of human’s perception. In this case, it will be fun to notice about some facts about it. Let’s discuss here.

Colour Facts 1: different perception

Women and men have different perception in seeing red color. Women see red whether as cardinal, maroon, or crimson. Men only see red as it is. The reason is because the DNA difference. Different genes may gain different interpretation of red color.

Colour Facts 2: silver is safer

In buying car, it is safer to buy the silver colored vehicle. The fact, silver car is the least in involving with accident. This color is the most visible on the road. The color is also good in low light.

Color Pencils

Color Pencils

Colour Facts 3: pink for calmness

Pink color is well known as the supportive color for the calmer emotion. This color is often applied for mental health facilities and also prisons. The color can make people gaining stable emotion. If you are out of control, you can take benefit from this color.

Colour Facts 4: brighter color for relationship

There is a fact that up to 90% impression is depended on color. If it is about relationship, you can choose brighter color. It means you need to avoid black color. You can choose yellow, light blue, and other lighter color. Brighter colors are good to make new friend, getting job, or even dating.

Colors and kids

Colors and kids

Colour Facts 5: blue color

Mostly people around the world love blue color. They consider it as calm and cool color. The second most favorable color is purple. Data shows 40% of people may choose blue as their favorite color.

Colour Facts 6: chromophobia

There is a unique fear suffered by people. It is the chromophobia. It is irrational fear of any colors. The problem is persistent and rare. There are common symptoms such as shortness of breath, panic, nausea, anxiety, and headache.

Colour spectrum

Colour spectrum

Colour Facts 7: yellow and orange

Yellow and orange are believe to trigger hunger. Those colors are considered to be the stimulators of appetite. Therefore, it is not recommended to put the colors on the kitchen.

Colour Facts 8:  color is imaginary

Color is only a concept. It doesn’t exist at all. Color is imaginary within our brain. People often fall into argument because of this.

Colour facts

Colour facts

Colour Facts 9: color wheel

Color wheel is very popular. It is invented by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666. It helps people to understand color better. There are primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors.

Colour Facts 10: mummy

Mummy once was the color in Egypt. It represents rich brown color.

vinyl color sheet

vinyl color sheet

So, what do you think facts about Colour above? Do they help you to understand color better? I hope so actually.

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