10 Interesting San Diego Facts

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Let me show you the major city in California in San Diego Facts. The location of this city is around 190 kilometer or 120 miles south of Los Angeles. It is situated on the coast of Pacific Ocean in Southern California. Based on the report on 1 July 2013, the city was inhabited by 1,355,896 people. It is considered as the second largest city in California and the eighth largest city in United States.  Find out interesting facts about San Diego below:

San Diego Facts 1: the fame

San Diego is famous due to the natural deep water harbor, biotechnology development, and healthcare, mild year round climate, birthplace of California, US Navy, and interesting beaches.

San Diego Facts 2: the short history

San Diego was inhabited by Kumeyaay people. When the European people came to America, the first site that they visited was the San Diego. At that time, the site was known as West Coast of US. The entire area was claimed by Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo for Spain when he landed in 1542 in San Diego.

San Diego Coast

San Diego Coast

San Diego Facts 3: the mission

In 1769, Presidio and Mission of San Diego was established.  It became the first European settlement in California. San Diego was a part of Mexico in 1821. It became a part of United States in 1850 after the Mexican-American war.

San Diego Facts 4: the economy

The economy of San Diego lies on the tourism, manufacturing, international trade, defense-related activities and military.

San Diego Facts

San Diego Facts

San Diego Facts 5: biotechnology

San Diego is center of biotechnology research. It is due to the presence of UCSD or University of California San Diego. Find out facts about California here.

San Diego Facts 6: the coast

The deepwater port influences the development of economy of San Diego. The city is the home the major shipbuilding and submarine yards. General Atomics, Cubic, and NASSCO are some national defense constructors located in San Diego.

San Diego City

San Diego City

San Diego Facts 7: the largest naval fleet

San Diego holds the world’s record after it hosts the largest naval fleet. The report stated that it hosted 35,000 sailors, soldiers, and constructors along with 120 tenant commands and 53 ships.

San Diego Facts 8: the military related jobs

Do you know that around 15,000 businesses in the city are related to the Defence?  The military related job occupies five perfect of the total civilian jobs.

San Antonio Texas Facts

San Antonio Texas Facts

San Diego Facts 9: the navy

There are several Navy institutions that you can find in San Diego such as Naval Medical Center San Diego, Naval Base San Diego and Naval Base Point Loma. Find out another city in Rotorua facts.

San Diego Facts 10: tourism

The favorite places to visit include San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Belmont amusement park, Balboa Park, SeaWorld San Diego and San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Facts about San Diego

Facts about San Diego

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