10 Interesting West End Brisbane Facts

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Look at West End Brisbane Facts to get more insights about the inner-city suburb in southern Brisbane. It was a home for 8,601 people according to the Australian census in 2011. West End is famous with its amazing heritage-listed sites. You will spot Kurilpa Library at 178 Boundary Road. Astrea is found at 19 Bank Street. Other protected buildings are Brighton Terrace, Dornoch Terrace Bridge, Thomas Dixon Centre, West End Gasworks and West End Gasworks.

West End Brisbane Facts 1: Brisbane River

The notable river in West End is Brisbane River. You can spot it at the south and west parts.

West End Brisbane Facts 2: Hill End

The term Hill End is used to call the southwestern part of West End. The Peninsula of Brisbane River consists of Highgate Hill, South Brisbane suburbs and West End.

West End Pictures

West End Pictures

West End Brisbane Facts 3: population

According to the census in 2011, West End was a home for 4,032 females and 4,029 males.

West End Brisbane Facts 4: the households

The group households accounted for 13.1 percent. The single person households made up 34.6 percent. The family households occupied 52.4 percent. Look at facts about Victoria Australia here.

West End Brisbane

West End Brisbane

West End Brisbane Facts 5: the median age

The West End population has the median age of 35. Compared to the Australian median age, it is 2 years younger.

West End Brisbane Facts 6: Greek community

Since 1980, Greek community has resided in West End. Almost 75 percent of Greek population in Brisbane lived in West End. Thus, the largest Greek community in Brisbane is located here.

West End Facts

West End Facts

West End Brisbane Facts 7: the indigenous Australian

The indigenous Australians account for 1.5 percent of the total population in West End. Due to the diverse ethnicities, West End earns the title as a multicultural area. Get facts about Australia Flag here.

West End Brisbane Facts 8: religion

The non-religion is considered as the most prevalent religious affiliation in West End. It makes up 35.5 percent of the total population. Others are Catholic, Anglicans, Eastern Orthodox and Buddhists.

West End Brisbane Pic

West End Brisbane Pic

West End Brisbane Facts 9: education

Since West End is located nearby Nathan campuses, Griffith University Southbank, QUT and University of Queensland, many academics and students relocate to West End.

West End Brisbane Facts 10: economy

When people are in West End, they are always interested to do shopping located at Boundary Street and enjoy the local food in the restaurants and cafes. The Green Flea Markets on Saturday also attracts many people. The industrial activity is centered in Riverside Drive and Montague Road.

Facts about West End Brisbane

Facts about West End Brisbane

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