10 Interesting Venice Italy Facts

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The capital of Veneto region is explained on Venice Italy Facts. The city lies on the northeastern part of Italy. The bridges are used to connect the Venice to other 117 islands through the canals. Venice is famous in the world due to its amazing artworks, architecture and beautiful settings. The Comune di Venezia was a home for 264,579 people in 2014 where 55,000 of them settled in Centro storico or historic city of Venice. Let us check other fantastic facts about Venice, Italy below:

Venice Italy Facts 1: PATREVE

PATREVE is the Metropolitan Area, which consists of Padua, Treviso and Venice. It is a home for at least 2.6 million people.

Venice Italy Facts 2: the name of Venice

Venice is named after the ancient inhabitants who lived in the region in the tenth century BC. Do you know that the capital of Republic of Venice was located in Venice?

Facts about Venice Italy

Facts about Venice Italy

Venice Italy Facts 3: in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

During the middle Ages and Renaissance, Republic of Venice was known as a city with maritime power and great financial status.

Venice Italy Facts 4: the nicknames

Venice has various nicknames such as City of Canals, The Floating City, City of Bridges, City of Water, Queen of the Adriatic, City of Masks, Serenissima and La Dominante. Get facts about Vancouver here.

Venice Italy Facts

Venice Italy Facts

Venice Italy Facts 5: the historic fame of Venice

The history of Venice is worth to learn. During the Battle of Lepanto and Crusades, it was the staging point. In the 13th and 17th century, Venice was famous because of its amazing art. The commerce like spice, grain and silk was centered in the city.

Venice Italy Facts 6: the international financial center

Venice appeared as the first international financial center, which reached its heyday in the 14th century. There is no need to wonder that Venice is a rich city.

Venice Italy

Venice Italy

Venice Italy Facts 7: in 18th century

Venice emerged as a refined and beautiful city in Italy and Europe in 18th century. It was renowned for the literature, architecture and art. Venice was free from the attack during the World War 2.

Venice Italy Facts 8: climate

The climate of Venice is humid subtropical. It has warm summer and cold winter. Check facts about Valencia here.

Venezia acqua alta notte

Venezia acqua alta notte

Venice Italy Facts 9: the present-day economy

The present-day economy of Venice is centered on industrial exports, tourism, services, trade, and shipbuilding. The production of lace and Murano glass contributes to the Venice’s economy.

Venice Italy Facts 10: tourism

Tourism is heavily flourished in Venice. Based on the estimation in 2007, the city was visited by 50,000 tourists in one day.

Veneto Facts

Veneto Facts

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