10 Interesting Portsmouth Facts

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Portsmouth Facts inform you with the city with the area 15.5 square miles or 9,954 acres. In the past, Portsmouth was called as a small village. But now it becomes bigger.  In average, the household income reaches £34,000. It is inhabited by 13,800 people. Get facts about Portsmouth here:

Portsmouth Facts 1: the oldest surmising route map

If you check out the map of Great Britain, Portsmouth was the oldest route map if you check it on Gough Map. The map created in 1360. It presented 600 towns and cities. In the map, Portsmouth was written as Portis Mouth.

Portsmouth Facts 2: name

There are many places in the world labeled as Portsmouth. You can find the name in Portland, Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan, Virginia, and Rhode Island. An abandoned fishing village in North Carolina was named Portsmouth. Get facts about North Carolina here.

Portsmouth Facts

Portsmouth Facts

Portsmouth Facts 3: the population in 2010

Based on the data in 2010, it was stated that Portsmouth was inhabited by 199,100 people. Therefore, it is called as the second densely populated place in Britain. In Europe, it takes the 13th position of the densely populated city. Check out facts about Great Britain here.

Portsmouth Facts 4: Marilyn Cole

Marilyn Cole was called as the Portsmouth born woman who displayed full frontal nudity in a magazine. She also took the record as the only British Model to become Playmate of the Year.

Portsmouth Hotels

Portsmouth Hotels

Portsmouth Facts 5: clinics

The first clinics used to treat the venereal diseases were opened for the first time in Portsmouth in 1917.

Portsmouth Facts 6: Jonas Hanway

The famous person who used an umbrella for the first time in England was Jonas Hanway. This man was born in Portsmouth in 1712. He was rich since he got great inheritance and became a philanthropist.

Portsmouth Pictures

Portsmouth Pictures

Portsmouth Facts 7: Wymering Manor

If you want to know the oldest building in the city, you can check out Wymering Manor. The building has been recorded in 1086 Domesday Book.

Portsmouth Facts 8: a trip

A trip to Portsmouth is not expensive. But it contributes a lot to the city. The city gets £375.5m from the visitors who stay here.



Portsmouth Facts 9: the fruit handling port

If you want to know one of the biggest fruit handling ports in UK, you have to go to Portsmouth. 100 percent of Moroccan citrus fruits and potatoes are processed here.

Portsmouth Facts 10: prostitutes

Portsmouth was famous because of prostitution. There were 2,000 till 20,000 prostitutes working in the city   in the late of 18th century.

Facts about Portsmouth

Facts about Portsmouth

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