10 Interesting Winston Churchill Facts

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Are you interested to know Winston Churchill facts? If what we are discussing here is about important person in UK, there was a very famous one such as Winston Churchill. I believe many of you have already heard about this name before. People indeed may recognize significantly about the wisdom in how to cope with the evilest Hitler during the WWII. Well, in providing better info about him, you need to learn some facts first. There are some facts that you should learn that I may provide below.

Winston Churchill Facts 1: Poor Grade

Winston Churchill has a poor grade in elementary school. He was considered to be dumb by the teachers and he was the member of the poor grade class.

Winston Churchill Facts 2: Punishment from Teacher

He suffered many punishments from his teachers. The main reason is because of his poor grade indeed. In fact, he never tried to do better study to achieve better grade.

winston churchill as a kid

winston churchill as a kid

Winston Churchill Facts 3: Nickname

You can learn about Winston Churchill’s nickname. He was called as British Bulldog. Yet, in fact he was the best Englishman within UK history even among the noble family.

Winston Churchill Facts 4: Death

What you need to know about Winston Churchill is the date when he died. It can be said to be interesting fact because he died in the same day as his father. Some people say that it is only coincidence.

winston churchill facts

winston churchill facts

Winston Churchill Facts 5: An Artist

Well, perhaps many of you don’t believe about the fact that Winston Churchill was an artist as well. In fact he created more than 600 works until he died. He was interested mostly to the paintings. Another inspirational man can be seen in Abraham Lincoln facts.

Winston Churchill Facts 6: Prisoner of War

Do you know that Churchill was a prisoner of war? He was captured during the Boer War. Yet, he escaped the prison and returned home. Some people say that such event was the most important thing happened within his life which may motivate him to contribute better to his country.

winston churchill with a hat

winston churchill with a hat

Winston Churchill Facts 7: A Historian

Many of you may become amazed if you notice the fact that he was a historian. He had written certain volume of history book especially about England. In fact he also won a Nobel Prize.

Winston Churchill Facts 8: Guerilla Wars

There are also many sources of information which say that he was also involved in guerilla wars. This experience I believe had become his contribution to become the master of war strategy in UK.

winston churchill

winston churchill

Winston Churchill Facts 9: Habit

Next important fact is about his habit which people call it as pillow talk. Some people also call the habit as siesta as well.

Winston Churchill Facts 10: Prime Minister

Another important interesting fact about Winston Churchill is related to his dedication as prime minister. He said that he will sacrifice anything even his life to his country. He was famous because of WW II. Look at World War II facts for more info.

young winston churchill

young winston churchill

What makes Winston Churchill very famous is about his contribution to UK during the World War II as the prime minister. Do you want to know more facts about Winston Churchill?

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