10 Interesting Larry Bird Facts

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Are you curious to know about Larry Bird facts? Larry Bird is the famous American former professional baseball players. He played in NBA for Boston Celtics.  Let’s find out more about his personal life, professional basketball career and retirement by reading following post below:

Larry Bird Facts 1: date of birth

Larry Bird was born on 7 December 1956 in West Baden, Indiana. His parents are Georgia and Claude Joseph Bird.

Larry Bird Facts 2: Indiana Pacers organization

After the announcement of his retirement, he is involved with Indiana Pacers organization. He serves as the team president in the organization.

Larry Bird Celtics

Larry Bird Celtics

Larry Bird Facts 3: Boston Celtics

His professional career began when he was enrolled in Boston Celtics in 1978. His first career was not easy because he only played for the small forward. Due to his wonderful skill, he became the power forward for 13 seasons.

Larry Bird Facts 4: MPV

Larry Bird was a good basketball player. He was selected for three times as MVP or most valuable player in the NBA league. He also named as NBA All Star for 12 times.

Larry Bird NBA

Larry Bird NBA

Larry Bird Facts 5: winning

Larry bird never moved from Boston Celtics during his professional career as a basketball player.  He had two NBA finals MPV awards and three NBA championships. Find out another successful athlete in US by reading Lance Armstrong facts.

Larry Bird Facts 6: chronic back problems

Unfortunately, Larry Bird had to announce his retirement from the professional basketball because of the chronic back problems in 1992.

Larry Bird Old

Larry Bird Old

Larry Bird Facts 7: a dream team

Larry Bird was a part of the dream team in 1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team. The team was very powerful because it took a gold medal in the summer Olympics in 1992.

Larry Bird Facts 8: NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time Team

In 1996, he was voted in the 50th Anniversary All time Team in NBA. In 1998, he was honored because his name was inducted at Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. In 2010, his name was induced as a member of the Dream Team in 2010.

Larry Bird Young

Larry Bird Young

Larry Bird Facts 9: a a coach

In 1997 to 2000, Larry Bird worked as the head coach of the Indian Pacers. In 2003 till 2012, he became the president of basketball operations for the Indian Pacers. In 2012, he decided to retire.

Larry Bird Facts 10: a poor

Before he became a good basketball player, he was a poor child. His mother had to work hard to raise his six children.

Larry Bird

Larry Bird

His family was troubled. He wanted to escape by playing basketball. Do you want to share ideas on facts about Larry Bird?

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