10 Interesting Pope Francis Facts

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Pope Francis Facts present the detail information about the current pop that was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is called as the first non European pop in the modern era. Check out more facts about Pope Francis by reading the facts about him below:

Pope Francis Facts 1: personal information

Pope Francis was born on 17 December 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His parents named him Jorge Mario Bergoglio. His mother was Regina Bergoglio and his father was Mario Bergoglio. He embraces Roman Catholic.

Pope Francis Facts 2: record

Pope Francis is very famous in the world because he is called as the first Jesuit pope. He takes the record as the first non European pope in the world. He is the first pope from America and the first one in Latin America.

Pope Francis Facts

Pope Francis Facts

Pope Francis Facts 3: the papal election

When the election was held, he got the second most votes in 2005.

Pope Francis Facts 4: simple life

Pope Francis had a simple life. When he became the archbishop in Buenos Aires, he often cooked his own meal. When he wanted to go work, he often took the bus.

Pope Francis Image

Pope Francis Image

Pope Francis Facts 5: health

The Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi stated that Pope France was healthy enough even though he had part of one lung eliminated when he was young.

Pope Francis Facts 6: the early life

He was ordained as a priest on 13 December 1969. Then he served as the provincial for Argentina in 1973 till 1979. He became the rector for the philosophical and theological faculty of San Miguel in 1980 till 1986.

Pope Francis Pic

Pope Francis Pic

Pope Francis Facts 7: Coadjutor Archbishop

He made a breakthrough by taking the position of Coadjutor Archbishop of Buenos Aires in 3 June 1997. Then he became archbishop of Buenos Aires on 28 February 1998.

Pope Francis Facts 8: a cardinal

Pope John Paul II appointed him as a cardinal on 21 February 2001. He became the president of Bishops’ conference of Argentina on 8 November 2005 until 8 November 2011.

Pope Francis Waves

Pope Francis Waves

Pope Francis Facts 9: Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI decided to retire on 28th February 2013. 115 cardinals elected Bergoglio as the 266th pope on 13 March 2013. Georglio took the name Pope Francis. He greeted the crowd at 7 pm at the balcony of St. Peter. Get facts about Pope Benedict here.

Pope Francis Facts 10: inauguration

The inauguration of Pope Francis was held on 19 March 2013. There were thousands of people in St. Peter Square to see the inauguration.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

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