10 Interesting Electricity Facts

Friday, June 21st 2013. | Technology

You can learn the origin of electricity by reading the whole post about electricity facts. Electricity is one of the main necessities of human being. Without electricity, you cannot live normally. The night will be so dark because you need to turn on the lamps by using electricity. There will be no internet, computer or TV to access.  The life will be miserable without electricity.

Electricity Facts 1: Electric Current and Potential

Both electric current and electric potential are measured differently.  The electric potential is measured with volt, while electric current is measured with amperes.

Electricity Facts 2: Dependency

The life of human being depends much on electricity.  The flexibility of your life is determined by the presence of electricity. You can use it to power TV, microwave, oven, computer, radio, and many other electronic items.

Electricity And Power

Electricity And Power

Electricity Facts 3: Electric Circuits

Electric circuits are composed from many elements. Some of them include transformers, switches and resistors.

Electricity Facts 4: Electric eels

To perform a self-defense and hunting, people can use electric eels. The tools can present high and strong electric shock in the rate of 500 volts.

Electricity Facts

Electricity Facts

Electricity Facts 5: Source of Energy

If you want to know the biggest source of electricity in the world, it is made from coal. The coal will be burnt to move the turbines located on the generators.

Electricity Facts 6: Positive and Negative

The opposite changes in negative and positive will attract each other. The two negative or two positive charges will repel each other.

Electricity in Town

Electricity in Town

Electricity Facts 7: Hydropower

The most traditional way to produce electricity is by using hydropower system.  The electricity is produced by spinning the turbine of water to move the generator.

Electricity Facts 8: Lightning

The natural electricity can be found on the lightning. The lightning bolt is high in power because it can reach the temperature around 54,000 F or 30,000 C. The speed is around 130,000 mph or 210,000 kph.



Electricity Facts 9: War of Currents

The war of current occurs between two major scientists, Nikola Tesla with his AC and Thomas Edison with his DC. People pick AC because it can be used to reach long distance. The electricity used in many homes is AC. The electron in AC will change the direction by moving backward and forward. In DC the electron only moves in one direction. The example of DC is battery.

Electricity Facts 10: Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin has a major contribution to the field of electricity by making a lightning rod. It is used to protect the high building to be destroyed by lighting.



People use electricity every day and every night. They need it for different purposes. Every single household is done with a help of electricity. When you want to wash the clothes, you will prefer to sue washing machine. When you want to get the latest info, you will watch TV. Have you realized the importance on facts about electricity?

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