10 Interesting Algebra Facts

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Algebra Facts give the interesting information about a subject that we always learn in mathematics. The word algebra is taken from the Arabic word, al-jabr. When you learn mathematics, you will always learn algebra along with analysis, geometry, and number theory. All of them are the important subjects in the fields of mathematics. Algebra has the definition as the study of mathematical symbol generally. If you want to know more about algebra, why don’t you read the following post below?

Algebra Facts 1: the fields of studies

The fields of studies in algebra cover fields, rings and groups of abstractions. Elementary algebra is considered as the basic system. The modern algebra is often called as abstract algebra, which earns the status as the most abstract parts.

Algebra Facts 2: the importance of elementary algebra

Elementary algebra plays an importance in various fields such as engineering, science, mathematics, economics and medicine.



Algebra Facts 3: the professional mathematicians

The professional mathematicians are interested to study about the abstract algebra because this subject is included in advanced mathematics. Check facts about Roman Numerals here.

Algebra Facts 4: algebraist

Algebraist is the term to call a mathematician who studies algebra.



Algebra Facts 5: the Arabic word

Al-jabr is the original of the word algebra. It is an Arabic word, which has the literal meaning the reunion of broken parts.

Algebra Facts 6: the origin of the term

Al-Khwarizmi was the Persian astronomer and mathematicians who wrote a book under the title Ilm al-jabr wa’l-muḳābala. In 15th century, the term al-jabr was infused in the English language as algebra.

Algebra Image

Algebra Image

Algebra Facts 7: the original meaning

In 16th century, algebra had been defined in mathematical meaning. At first, it was defined as the surgical procedure, which fixed the dislocated or broken bones. Get facts about Palladium here.

Algebra Facts 8: meanings of algebra

Algebra has a number of meanings in mathematics. It is used to define a specific mathematic structure when the term algebra comes in a plural form or with an article. It can be defined as a wide part of mathematics when you use the term algebra without an article.

Algebra Facts

Algebra Facts

Algebra Facts 9: parts of algebra

Abstract algebra, elementary algebra and linear algebra are included as parts of algebra. On the other hand, the vertex operator algebra and lie algebra are the examples of abstract structure of algebra.

Algebra Facts 10: the subfields of mathematics

Geometry and arithmetic were the only two subfields of mathematics before algebra appeared in 16th century.

Facts about Algebra

Facts about Algebra

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