10 Interesting Emily Murphy Facts

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Look the Emily Murphy Facts if you want to be informed with the women’s rights activist from Canada. She was born on 14th March 1868 as Emily Gowan Ferguson. She died on October 17th, 1933. Murphy earned the title was the first female magistrate in British Empire and Canada after she was appointed in 1916. But people always remember her due to her contribution on the feminism in Canada. She launched a big question related to the Canadian law whether women were persons. Check other interesting facts about Emily Murphy by reading the below post:

Emily Murphy Facts 1: The Famous Five

The Famous Five was a notable group of women’s rights activists in Canada. It was also known as The Valiant Five. The prominent members of the group were Murphy, Irene Parlby, Nellie McClung, Henrietta Muir Edwards and Louise McKinney.  Check facts about Lewis Latimer here.

Emily Murphy Facts 2: Persons Case

The Persons Case was launched by the women in 1927. They wanted the women to be granted rights to sit for the Senate. That’s why they wanted the women be qualified as persons.

emily murphy facts

emily murphy facts

Emily Murphy Facts 3: the end of the case

When the case was launched at the supreme court of Canada, it failed. Eventually the women won the case after it was brought to Judicial Committee of the British Privy Council.

Emily Murphy Facts 4: the birthplace of Murphy

The birthplace of Murphy was located in Cookstown, Ontario. Her father was a property owner and notable businessman. Her mother was Emily Fergusson.

facts about emily murphy

facts about emily murphy

Emily Murphy Facts 5: the responsibilities

Her father always encouraged equal responsibilities in the family among his children. She also shared adventures along with Thomas and Gowan, her older brothers when she was a child.

Emily Murphy Facts 6: the importance of his family

There is no need to wonder that she became one of the most prominent suffragists in Canada since her family was influential in politics and laws.

emily murphy

emily murphy

Emily Murphy Facts 7: Ogle R. Gowan

Ogle R. Gowan was the maternal grandfather of Murphy. He was an influential politician. In 1830, the local branch of the Orange Order was founded by Gowan. Moreover, Murphy also had two uncles who worked as a Senator and a Supreme Court justice.

Emily Murphy Facts 8: Arthur Murphy

Her future husband was Arthur Murphy who met her through a friend. He was 11 years older than Emily.  The couple was blessed with four daughters.

emily murphy quote

emily murphy quote

Emily Murphy Facts 9: poverty

Murphy was aware with the presence of poverty around her while his husband Arthur worked as an Anglican priest.

Emily Murphy Facts 10: the women’s group

Finally Murphy created a women’s group where she involved with the isolated housewives to have discussion and create group plan. At that time, she was 40 years old.  Check facts about Mary Downing Hahn here.

emily murphy picture

emily murphy picture

Are you impressed after reading facts about Emily Murphy?

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