10 Interesting Frederic Chopin Facts

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If you love with classical music, you need to study on Frederic Chopin facts. Chopin is famous around the world his work of art has been used by many musicians in the world as their inspiration.   He gained the fame as a classical musician and composer.  Find out about his work, date of birth and family in the following post below:

Frederic Chopin Facts 1: Romantic Period Composers

The musician students who want to study more about Romantic Period composers need to learn about Frederick Chopin. This man is one of the best romantic composers in the world beside Mozart and Bach.

Frederic Chopin Facts 2: date of birth

Many people always think that the best musician always came from Austria. It is not true. Chopin was born on 1st March 1809 in Poland.

Frederic Chopin Book

Frederic Chopin Book

Frederic Chopin Facts 3: place of living

During his life, you can see Chopin lived between two cities. Both were Paris and Warsaw. His mother was a Polish woman, while his father was a French man. That’s why he lived in Poland and France.

Frederic Chopin Facts 4: talent

His talent as a musician and composer occurred since he was a child. He became a pianist when he was only 9 years old. It was his first public appearance.

Frederic Chopin Facts

Frederic Chopin Facts

Frederic Chopin Facts 5: welcoming bash on Paris

When he moved to Paris, there were many prominent people welcomed home. Those were Belioz, Liszt, Heine and Meyerbeer.

Frederic Chopin Facts 6: the first concert of Chopin

Becoming a musician is not an easy thing to do. In his first concert, Chopin disappointed because not many people attended his concert at that time. It made him return to Poland.

Frederic Chopin Pic

Frederic Chopin Pic

Frederic Chopin Facts 7: back to Paris

Many of his friends recommend him to stay in Paris. He did it. This advice made him gain a big success.

Frederic Chopin Facts 8: types of mucus

There are many types of music that Chopin wrote during his life. The famous one included impromptu, mazurka, nocturne, etude, polonaise, concerto and waltz.

Frederic Chopin Pics

Frederic Chopin Pics

Frederic Chopin Facts 9: personal character

Many of his friends defined him as the man who spoke little. If you are a stranger to him, he barely speaks with your.

Frederic Chopin Facts 10: Bach

One of his favorite musicians was Bach. He had a lot of students and made them study more about the music of Bach.

Frederic Chopin

Frederic Chopin

Chopin passed away in Paris on October 17, 1849. Do you have any suggestion on facts about Frederic Chopin?

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