10 Interesting Matthew Henson Facts

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Matthew Henson Facts provide the interesting ideas about the first African American arctic explorer.   He was also called as the associate of Robert Peary. Both have been together in the seven voyages for nearly 23 years. If you want to know the detail facts about Henson, read the following post below:

Matthew Henson Facts 1: life span

Henson was born on 8 August 1866. He died on 9 March 1955. He was born with the full name Mathew Alexander Henson.

Matthew Henson Facts 2: Robert Peary

Robert Peary is the associate of Henson who took him as a part of his six voyages.  The expedition of both men last for 18 years.

Matthew Henson Book

Matthew Henson Book

Matthew Henson Facts 3: jobs of Henson

During the expedition, the main job of Henson was as a navigator. He also traded with the Inuit people and as a craftsman. Henson was capable of learning the language of Inuit people.

Matthew Henson Facts 4: expedition to Greenland

Even though the expedition of Peary and Henson to Greenland which made them reach Geographic North Pole is still subject to dispute, some people believe that it is true.  In 1909, the expedition was made by Peary, Henson and four Inuit men. Find out Greenland facts here.

Matthew Henson Facts

Matthew Henson Facts

Matthew Henson Facts 5: The Explorers Club

Henson took part in the expedition of Peary after he was invited as a member of the Explorers Clube in 1937 because of his magnificent achievement. You have to know that Henson was the first African American person accepted as a member.

Matthew Henson Facts 6: honor

Due to the contribution of Henson in the exploration, the remains of Henson and his wife were located at a monument in Arlington National Cemetery in 1988 based on the order of president.

Matthew Henson Photos

Matthew Henson Photos

Matthew Henson Facts 7: a book

A book published in 1991 was created to honor Henson. You can find the material about him, Peary’s Inuit, son and wife.

Matthew Henson Facts 8: date of birth

Henson was born on 8 August 1866 in a farm in Nanjemoy, Maryland. His mother died went Henson was only two years old.

Matthew Henson Pic

Matthew Henson Pic

Matthew Henson Facts 9: living with an uncle

The childhood time for Henson was not easy. When his father passed away, he had to move to Washington DC to live with his uncle. When his uncle died, he worked as a dishwasher.

Matthew Henson Facts 10: cabin boy

Henson became a cabin boy when he was only 12 years. He was educated by Captain Childs who taught him to read and write. He treated Henson like a son.

Matthew Henson

Matthew Henson

Henson sailed around the world with the captain. He came to many places such as Africa, China, France, Philippines and Japan. Do you have any opinion on facts about Mathew Henson?

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