10 Interesting Leonardo Fibonacci Facts

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Leonardo Fibonacci facts present the information about the Italian mathematician. Many people consider him as the most talented western mathematician of the middle Ages. If you are interested to find out more facts about Leonardo Fibonacci, read the post below:

Leonardo Fibonacci Facts 1: nickname

Leonardo Fibonacci has many nicknames.  Some people call him Leonardo of Pisa, Leonardo Fibonacci, Fibonacci, Leonardo Bonacci, and Leonardo Pisano.

Leonardo Fibonacci Facts 2: Hindu–Arabic numeral system

Leonardo Fibonacci is famous as the person who was responsible to spread the Hindu Arabic Numeral system. It is used until this present day in Europe. He created Book of Calculation or 1202 of Liber Abaci.

Leonardo Fibonacci Facts

Leonardo Fibonacci Facts

Leonardo Fibonacci Facts 3: Fibonacci numbers

There are sequences of numbers named after him. It is called Fibonacci numbers.  Actually he did not invent the numbers. He used the numbers as the examples.

Leonardo Fibonacci Facts 4: date of birth

People do not know the exact date of birth of Fibonacci.  But he was born in 1170. His father was a rich Italian merchant named Guglielmo Bonacci. He also worked as the consul of Pisa.

Leonardo Fibonacci Image

Leonardo Fibonacci Image

Leonardo Fibonacci Facts 5: traveling

Leonardo traveled a lot with his father as a young boy.  His father was in charge in a trading post in Bugia. He learned much about the Hindu Arabic number system when he was in Bugia.

Leonardo Fibonacci Facts 6: Roman numerals

During his trip in Bugia, he found out that the Hindu Arabic numerals were easier to practice and study than the roman numerals. He was interested to study under the leading Arab mathematicians at that time. He traveled around Mediterranean to find the good teachers.

Leonardo Fibonacci Numbers

Leonardo Fibonacci Numbers

Leonardo Fibonacci Facts 7: Liber Abaci

Liber Abaci is Book of Calculation or Book of Abacus. The knowledge that he got during his travel was written by Fibonacci in the Liber Abaci book. He finished the travel in 1200. He created the book in 1202 when he was 32 years old. The book made the Hindu Arabic numerals popular in Europe.

Leonardo Fibonacci Facts 8: Emperor Frederick II

It is such an honor for Fibonacci to be the guest of Emperor Frederick II. This emperor liked to study science and mathematics. Find out another scientist in Galileo Galilei facts.

Leonardo Fibonacci Pic

Leonardo Fibonacci Pic

Leonardo Fibonacci Facts 9: salary

Leonardo Fibonacci got salary from the Republic of Pisa in 1240. At that time, Fibonacci was referred as Leonardo Bigollo.

Leonardo Fibonacci Facts 10: Liber Abaci

In the Liber Abaci, people can learned about the method of Indian called Indorum. Today people call it as Arabic numerals.

Leonardo Fibonacci

Leonardo Fibonacci

Fibonacci’s date of death is not known. But people estimate that he passed away between 1240 and 1250. Do you have questions to ask on facts about Leonardo Fibonacci?

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