10 Interesting Will Smith Facts

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The famous American actor is explained on Will Smith Facts. He was born on 15th September 1968 as Willard Carroll Smith Jr. This man is also recognized as a rapper, producer and songwriter. However, he is more famous as an actor. Smith is cited as the most powerful actor in Hollywood according to Newsweek in April 2007. He has become the winner for four Grammy Awards. He received two Academy Award and five Golden Globe Award nominations. Let us check other interesting facts about Will Smith below:

Will Smith Facts 1: as a rapper

He chose The Fresh Prince as his stage name when he became a rapper in the late 1980s. He received a modest success.

Will Smith Facts 2: prominence

He rose to prominence after taking a role in The French Prince of Bel-Air in 1990. This NBC TV Series was aired until 1996 for 6 seasons.

Will Smith Family

Will Smith Family

Will Smith Facts 3: from TV actor to film actor

Smith focused his career as a film actor after the popular series ended. Most of his movies were blockbusters, which increased his success. Check facts about W.E.B. Dubois here.

Will Smith Facts 4: the notable movies

Smith was nominated as Best Actor in Academy Award due to his performance in Pursuit of Happyness (2006) as Chris Gardner and Muhammad Ali in Ali (2001) as the famous boxer.

Will Smith Signature

Will Smith Signature

Will Smith Facts 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Smith was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father was a refrigeration engineer, Willard Carroll Smith, Sr. His mother was a school board administrator, Caroline.

Will Smith Facts 6: bankruptcy

Smith was almost bankrupt in 1990 because of his free spending in 1988 until 1989. However, he was motivated after his success on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Get facts about Washington Irving here.

Will Smith

Will Smith

Will Smith Facts 7: the major roles

One of his prominent roles was alongside with Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys (1995). It was an action movie.

Will Smith Facts 8: Independence Day

Smith also took a pivotal role in Independence Day (1996). At that time, the movie by Roland Emmerich gained the record as the second highest-grossing film in the history. It was a major blockbuster hit.

Will Smith Hancock

Will Smith Hancock

Will Smith Facts 9: other major roles

Other major roles of Smith were in Enemy of the State and Men in Black. In the latter movie, he shared screen with Tommy Lee Jones.

Will Smith Facts 10: Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West was a movie of Smith released in 1999. It did not do well in the box office. Actually, he chose this movie by turning down the offer for Neo in The Matrix. However, he had no regret about it.

Facts about Will Smith

Facts about Will Smith

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