10 Interesting Hirohito Facts

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Hirohito facts below are just certain collection of data or trivia related to this emperor. There are many things that you don’t know yet about this emperor.

Hirohito Facts 1: longest-reigning monarch

Hirohito was recognized widely to be the Japan’s longest-reigning monarch. His influence to Japan was widely recognized even to any modern and western countries. This had brought Japan a respect actually. Therefore, learning the facts here will be advantageous.

Hirohito Facts 2: birth

Hirohito was born on April 29, 1901. It was in the Ayoma Palace in Tokyo, Japan. He was born with the full name of Michinomiya Hirohito.

Hirohito and Wife

Hirohito and Wife

Hirohito Facts 3: parents

Next basic fact about him is about the parent. He was the first son of Crown Prince Yoshihito or later people recognize the father as Emperor Taisho. His mother was Princess Sadako. Later people recognize her as Empress Teimei.

Hirohito Facts 4: childhood

You need to know about his childhood as well. When he was a child, Hirohito was separated from his parents. He was given an imperial education at the Gakushuin School.

Hirohito Child

Hirohito Child

Hirohito Facts 5: death of the father

It was on December 25, 1926 when the father died. He later succeeded him to be the emperor. It was for 124th Chrysanthemum Throne. He was given the title “Showa”. It had the meaning of Enlightened Peace. It was formally known as Showa Tenno.

Hirohito Facts 6: Manchuria supporter

He was recognized to be the reluctant supported of Manchuria occupation. It had led to the 2nd Sino-Japanese War. The military of Japan became more aggressive later in implementing the policies reflecting it.

Hirohito Emperor

Hirohito Emperor

Hirohito Facts 7: the atomic bombing

It was in September 1945 when the atomic bombings occurred in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hirohito declared the surrender to Allied Forces. The rehabilitation later was conducted there.

Hirohito Facts 8:  Japan first democrat

Although many wanted Hirohito to be the war criminal, MacArthur made him to agree with the implementation of constitution. Therefore, we can recognize him to be the first Japan democrat.

Hirohito Facts

Hirohito Facts

Hirohito Facts 9: figure of Japan

Although he died, Hirohito still remained to be the active figure in Japan. He had the role in building the image of Japan thorough the world.

Hirohito Facts 10: death

He died because of cancer.  It was on January 7 1989 at the place of his birth in Tokyo’s Ayoma Palace.



The facts about Hirohito will be more interested if you recognize further in how to get the further information and facts about him. Therefore, more people will be interested in gathering further facts related to him.

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