10 Interesting Jerry Spinelli Facts

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Jerry Spinelli facts present the ideas about one of the best authors in the world. Spinelli is famous with his children books. Many people are impressed with his works so that he gets various awards. If you are curious about his books, find out the information below:

Jerry Spinelli Facts 1: books

Some books that Spinelli has written include Stargirl, Wringer, and Maniac Magee. In the beginning of 1980s,   Space Station seventh Grade was published. It is considered as his first children book.

Jerry Spinelli Facts 2: Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee is a famous work by Spinelli. In 1991, he got a Newbery medal because of this book. He must be proud.

Jerry Spinelli Image

Jerry Spinelli Image

Jerry Spinelli Facts 3: education

Are you curious to find out the education of Spinelli? He was a student at Gettysburg College and Johns Hopkins University.

Jerry Spinelli Facts 4: spare time

Before he became a well known writer, Spinelli had to work hard to pursue his career. He had done some odd jobs.  He was an editor for a department store publication. He spent his spare time writing a book.

Jerry Spinelli facts

Jerry Spinelli facts

Jerry Spinelli Facts 5: Eileen Mesi

Eileen Mesi is his wife. Both married in 1977. Eileen Mesi is a notable children book writer. Both have six children. Now they have more than 20 grandchildren. What a wonderful family!

Jerry Spinelli Facts 6: Madeline Lengle

Madeline Lengle is the notable writer in the world. One of her fans is Jerry Spinelli.

Jerry Spinelli Pic

Jerry Spinelli Pic

Jerry Spinelli Facts 7: date of birth

Jerry Spinelli was born on 1st February 1942. He works as a writer till date. This American writer is famous with some books like Wringer and Maniac Magee. Most of his books are centered on early adulthood and adolescence.

Jerry Spinelli Facts 8: place of living

Even though Spinelli was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania, Now he lives in Phoenixville, PA.

Jerry Spinelli

Jerry Spinelli

Jerry Spinelli Facts 9: writing skill

His writing skill showed when he was a child. His poem inspired from the football match was published in a local newspaper.

Jerry Spinelli Facts 10: sport

The young Jerry was in love with sport. He wanted to become a professional league football player. But he realized that this dream is not true. So he becomes a writer.

Jerry Spinelli Wringer

Jerry Spinelli Wringer

When he was a student at the Gettysburg College, he was the editor of the college magazine and wrote short stories. Are you inspired with facts about Jerry Spinelli?

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