10 Interesting Jeremy Lin Facts

Wednesday, April 30th 2014. | People

Jeremy Lin facts are interesting to read by the people who love to know about basketball. His career is increased with great talent and skill as a basketball player. You can see him on the field and dribble the ball. If you are one of Lin’s fans, let’s find out his personal details and career in the following post below:

Jeremy Lin Facts 1: five basic steps

In YouTube, he posts one humor video which makes people laugh loud. The video listing is entitled five basic steps. It contains the tips on how to play musical instrument, wear big glasses and stretch the hand before you get the test to Harvard.

Jeremy Lin Facts 2: trainer

You can see his face book if you want to get close with Jeremy Lin. Before his first kick, he makes a status that many securities often asked that whether he was a trainer in the team.

Jeremy Lin BasketBall Player

Jeremy Lin BasketBall Player

Jeremy Lin Facts 3: driving

It seems that a driving test is very difficult to Lin. He stated that he often failed in the test because he drove 15 miles per hour.

Jeremy Lin Facts 4: siblings

He has two brothers. His older brother is Josh. He is a dental student in New York University. His younger brother is Joseph. He is a freshman backup point guard in DIII Hamilton College.

Jeremy Lin facts

Jeremy Lin facts

Jeremy Lin Facts 5: favorite meal

After he has done the email, he would like to eat his favorite menu from the In-N-Out Burger. He will order two double doubles and fries from this West Coast hamburger chain.

Jeremy Lin Facts 6: Harvard graduation

In May 2010, he had to attend NBA predraft workout so he missed his graduation in Harvard a lot.

Jeremy Lin In Suit

Jeremy Lin In Suit

Jeremy Lin Facts 7: broken ankle

A basketball player is very prone to injury. When Jeremy Lin was in high school junior, he had to handle the broken right ankle just days before the important game at YMCA.

Jeremy Lin Facts 8: popular player

When Jeremy Lin was in high school junior, he was named as San Francisco Chronicle’s boy’s high school player.

Jeremy Lin Pic

Jeremy Lin Pic

Jeremy Lin Facts 9: a food tester

It is so funny to know that Lin wants to become a food tester if he cannot make it as a NBA player.  His intention was spoken when he had an interview with San Francisco Chronicle in 2006.

Jeremy Lin Facts 10: Harvard time

Not many people can study in Harvard, but Lin did it. He took economics as his major.



During his time in Harvard, ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla often compared him with a young Steve Nash. Do you agree with Fraschilla’s opinion? I hope you enjoy reading facts about Jeremy Lin?

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