10 Interesting Albert Einstein Facts

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To get the information about one of the famous people in the world, you can look at Albert Einstein facts. The people who love study physics know him much. This man is considered as a public enemy number one by Hitler. When he was born, Einstein had a big head. His speaking ability when he was kid is slow. If you want to know other facts about this man, look at the facts below:

Albert Einstein Facts 1: Marriage Life

It seems that his first marriage life is troubled. He divorced his first wife named Mileva Maric. The main reason of this divorce was adultery. Einstein then married his first cousin and adulteress Elsa. His first wife received the money form the Nobel Prize.

Albert Einstein Facts 2: A Pocket Compass

What makes Einstein become a scientist because of a pocket compass that his father gave to him when he was five years old. He was very curious on why the compass always points in the similar direction even though you turn it into different way. Another man who love with science is seen in Ben Franklin facts.

Albert Einstein Facts

Albert Einstein Facts

Albert Einstein Facts 3: University Entrance Exam

Even though Einstein is a genius, we know that he failed in University Entrance Exam in 1895. He failed to work on the science and math sections.

Albert Einstein Facts 4: Nobel Prize

In 1921, Albert Einstein got a Nobel Prize because of his invention in Photoelectric Effect. However, he was in a trip to Japan so that he did not receive it himself in 1922.

Albert Einstein Teaches

Albert Einstein Teaches

Albert Einstein Facts 5: Einsteinium

To honor Albert Einstein, einsteinium is used to name an element in 1952.

Albert Einstein Facts 6: Shock

Einstein has a weird behavior about shock. He never wore it because his big toe will make the shock have a hole.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Facts 7: Hobby

Einstein has violin named Lina. He had various hobbies such as playing violin, listening to music, sailing and walking around the town.

Albert Einstein Facts 8: Jewish Heritage

Einstein had Jewish heritage. He was forced to leave German in the reign of Nazi in Germany. In 1933, he moved to US. Look at the detail facts about World War II to know about Nazi and Jewish people.



Albert Einstein Facts 9: Library of Congress in Washington D.C

If you want to know the hand written paper on special relativity made by Einstein, you can go to Library of Congress in Washington D.C. This document was used by Einstein to raise a fund for 6 million dollar in 1944.

Albert Einstein Facts 10: Product Endorsement

When he lived, he was very popular. There are many requests for product endorsement but he never accepted any one of them.

Genius Albert Einstein

Genius Albert Einstein

The sad news about Einstein is when he passed away. His final world cannot be reveled because the nurse did not understand what he said in German. Do you want to add more ideas on facts about Albert Einstein?

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