10 Interesting Harold Pinter Facts

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Harold Pinter facts for some people nowadays have become so much important. The major reason is because they want to study about famous person. Harold Pinter in facts has gained more and more popularity among modern people. Let’s study below.

Harold Pinter Facts 1: Nobel Prize

It was in 2005 when Harold Pinter was awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature. It was the greatest honor for any writer globally. The announcer of the award was Horace Engdahl who also became the Swedish Academy Chairman.

Harold Pinter Facts 2: birth

Harold Pinter was born on 10 October 1930. It was in East London actually. People around the world had recognized him to be director, poet, actor, playwright, and even political activist. This man really had a big influence towards many people around the world.

Harold Pinter facts

Harold Pinter facts

Harold Pinter Facts 3: the writing

He actually wrote about 29 plays which may include The Caretaker, The Birthday Party, The Betrayal, and also The Homecoming. There are in fact still many other writings that he had conducted. This can become your basic information actually.

Harold Pinter Facts 4: the Prizes

There were many prizes that he had obtained. They were Shakespeare Prize, Pirandello Prize, and European Prize for Literature, David Cohen British Literature Prize, Moliere D’Honneur, and others. In fact, he received the honorary degrees from 18 Universities.

Harold Pinter Old

Harold Pinter Old

Harold Pinter Facts 5: politics

It had been general knowledge that he gained interest in politics as well. He spoke out intensively about many politic issues including the bombing of Serbia conducted by NATO.

Harold Pinter Facts 6: Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

It was in late 1948 when he attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. It was only for 2 terms. He later hated the school and missed many classes there. It was also because of his nervous breakdown when he dropped out in 1949.

Harold Pinter Pic

Harold Pinter Pic

Harold Pinter Facts 7: National Service

It was in 1948 when he was called up for National Service. He registered as the conscientious objector. He was brought to the trial twice and was fined because of the refusal of serving.

Harold Pinter Facts 8:  Vivien Merchant

It was from 1956 until 1980 when he was married to Vivien Merchant. She was the actress whom he met on certain tour.

Harold Pinter Young

Harold Pinter Young

Harold Pinter Facts 9: patron

He once was a patron of the Palestine Festival of Literature.

Harold Pinter Facts 10: funeral

His funeral was considered to be private. It was at Kensal Green Cemetery in 31 December 2008.

Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter

The facts about Harold Pinter had become the inspiration for major people. By learning the facts above, you can really get to know him better actually. Just be so much considerate more about him indeed.

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