10 Interesting Wildfire Facts

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Wildfire Facts tell us about a fire, which affects the combustible vegetation located in rural or countryside area. There are a number of wildfire types. They include forest fire, desert fire, bush fire, brush fire, vegetation fire, peat fire, grass fire, veld fire and forest fire.  The history of wildfire was traced back 420 million years ago after the terrestrial plants took place according to the fossil charcoal. The flora and fauna, which lived in a certain ecosystem, was heavily affected by the presence of wildfire throughout the history. Why don’t you check the below post for detailed information about wildfire?

Wildfire Facts 1: flammable planet

Do you know that earth actually is a flammable planet? It has volcanoes, lightning, atmospheric oxygen, seasonally dry climates and carbon-rich vegetation.

Wildfire Facts 2: the characteristics

The characteristics of wildfire can be seen from the physical properties, ignition causes, weather effect on the fire and the presented combustible material.

Wildfire Pic

Wildfire Pic

Wildfire Facts 3: the beneficial effect

If you think that wildfire is always bad, you are wrong. It also has some benefits.  The fire makes the ecosystems, animals and native vegetation evolve.  The negative effects can be seen from the damages for human life and property.

Wildfire Facts 4: the plant species

The reproduction and growth of many plant species occur due to the wildfire effect. Find facts about volcanic eruption here.

Wildfire in Caracas

Wildfire in Caracas

Wildfire Facts 5: the factors

There are a number of factors, which determine the severity, and behavior of wildfire.  They include weather, physical setting and available fuels.

Wildfire Facts 6: strategies

Over the years, people have developed different strategies to suppress, detect and prevent wildfire.



Wildfire Facts 7: the controlled burning

The controlled burning is considered as one of the cheapest and prevalent strategies.  The periodic burning on the vegetation is considered as a normal stage for it retains the diversity of species.

Wildfire Facts 8: the wildfire ignitions

There are four common natural wildfire ignitions. They are the spontaneous combustion, lightning, sparks from rockfalls and volcanic eruption. Get facts about snowstorm here.

Wildfire Facts

Wildfire Facts

Wildfire Facts 9: causes by human beings

The wildfire ignition can be caused by the human beings too. It can be in the form of sparks from equipments, discarded cigarettes, arson, and power-line arcs.

Wildfire Facts 10: wildfire in southern Vietnam

The Vietnam War brought negative impact in southern Vietnam, which leads, in the annual grassland fires. During the war, the burning operation, land-clearing, explosives and military herbicides were used.

Facts about Wildfire

Facts about Wildfire

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