10 Interesting Japan Earthquake Facts

Tuesday, April 22nd 2014. | Disasters

Let’s find out about one of the destructive disasters in the world in Japan Earthquake facts. Japan in located in the Pacific Ring Of Fire. That’s why this country is very prone to earthquake. The Japanese people have to live in fear just in case that the earthquake will come. Here are the miserable facts about Japanese earthquake.

Japan Earthquake Facts 1: aftershock

Since the biggest earthquake in Japan, people had to face 1,000 aftershocks.  The biggest magnitude came in the level of 7.9 magnitudes.

Japan Earthquake Facts 2: Honshu coastline

After the earthquake, the northern Honshu coastline in Japan dropped around 0.6 meter along 400 kilometer.



Japan Earthquake Facts 3: movement

The earthquake also made Honshu Island moved eastward for around 2.4 meter. Honshu is considered as the main island in Japan.

Japan Earthquake Facts 4: Goce satellite

The earthquake was very big and it could be detected by Goce satellite. The infrasound traveled to the space due to the low frequency created by the earthquake.

japan earthquake facts

japan earthquake facts

Japan Earthquake Facts 5: nesting birth

The earthquake and tsunami also killed 110,000 nesting seabird. The wave of the Tsunami came in the height of 1.5 meter or 5 feet.

Japan Earthquake Facts 6: Antarctica

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan is very big. It affected the iceberg located in Antarctica. The Sulzberger Ice Shelf was broken when it was hit by tsunami.

japan earthquake Fire

japan earthquake Fire

Japan Earthquake Facts 7: center of earthquake

The center of the earthquake occurred in Japan on 11th March 2011 was in 231 miles northeast of Tokyo. The earthquake took place at 2:46 pm.

Japan Earthquake Facts 8: nuclear reactor

The tsunami which hit Japan in 2011 affected some nuclear reactors in the country. It also led into the occurrence of 30 foot tsunami.

 japan earthquake Image

japan earthquake Image

Japan Earthquake Facts 9: the Japanese earthquake

Since 1900, 2011 Japanese earthquake is considered as the fourth largest one the country.

Japan Earthquake Facts 10: death toll

Based on the data gained on 10th February 2014, there were 15, 8884 people died during the disaster.

Japan Earthquake

Japan Earthquake

The Japanese people have to lose $300 billion or 25 trillion yen for the material damage because of the tsunami and earthquake. Show your opinion on facts about Japan earthquake.

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