10 Interesting Snowstorms Facts

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Snowstorms Facts tell you about the event which happens during the low temperature. The ice will be formed when the temperature on the ground is very low. You are wrong if you think that the storm will only formed during the winter season. It can happen in the beginning of spring or the end of autumn in the temperate continental climate. Here are other interesting facts about snowstorm for you:

Snowstorms Facts 1: the rare snowstorms

It is possible for the snowstorm to form during the summer season even though this condition is very rare.

Snowstorms Facts 2: the cold summer

In 1816, the Northeast United States experienced the storms which happened during the summer season.  It was very cold.

Snow Image

Snow Image

Snowstorms Facts 3: the amount of the snowfall

One characteristic of snowstorm can be seen on the amount of the snow fall. It has high amount of snowfall which created problems for the school transport or even traffic transport. The thickness of five cm or 2 inches of snow is easy to keep the people busy. Get facts about snow here.

Snowstorms Facts 4: the big problem

The snowstorm can create big problem for all people. The heavy accumulating snowfall can create a big problem for the people who live in the areas where snowfall is not typical. The small snowfall which occurs in the typical areas where snowfall is very common is not a big problem because of the effective ice removal conducted by the municipalities.

Facts about Snowstorms

Facts about Snowstorms

Snowstorms Facts 5: the disruptive snowfall

The snowfall usually is disruptive if it is more than 15 cm or 6 inches. Find out facts about natural disasters here.

Snowstorms Facts 6: blizzard

Blizzard is the massive snowstorm which can damage the building, objects or even trees. It can reach high speed. In 1888 until 1947, there were several massive snowstorms of blizzards occurred in United States.



Snowstorms Facts 7: the snowfall in 1947

The snowfall which occurred in 1947 was unforgettable.  The thickness was around 61 cm or 2 feet. It was not easy to melt the snow even though the temperature rose.

Snowstorms Facts 8: the large snowstorms

The people should be careful with the large snowstorms for it can make the cars stuck. It is often followed by the loss of electricity.

Snowstorms Facts

Snowstorms Facts

Snowstorms Facts 9: the ice storms and snowstorm

The ice storms are more dangerous than the snowstorms.  The people who live in the mountainous areas should be careful with snowstorms for it can trigger avalanches or cornices.

Snowstorms Facts 10: the death

Even though snowstorm is less dangerous, it can lead into death when a person has hypothermia. The frostbite can create infection on the skin.



What do you think on facts about snowstorm?

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