10 Interesting Volcanic Eruption Facts

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If you want to know a number of types of volcanic eruptions, check Volcanic Eruption Facts. The volcanologists have differentiated the assorted gases, tephra and lava excluded from a volcano. The volcanic eruption is divided in three types. They are the phreatic eruption, phreatomagmatic eruptions and magmatic eruption. The latter one is the most observable. The magma is propelled forward due to the gas decompression. The gas compression within magma causes phreatomagmatic eruptions. Phreatic eruption occurs because of superheated steam, which has contact with magma. It leads into the granulation of rock instead of magmatic release. Let us get other interesting facts about volcanic eruption below:

Volcanic Eruption Facts 1: the weakest volcanic eruption

The Hawaiian submarine is considered as the weakest. Then it is followed by the Strombolian, Vulcanian and Surtseyan.

Volcanic Eruption Facts 2: Pelean eruptions

Pelean eruptions are considered as the stronger type of eruption. Then they are followed by Plinian eruptions. Ultra-Plinian is considered as the strongest eruption.

volcanic eruption Facts

volcanic eruption Facts

Volcanic Eruption Facts 3: definition of subglacial and phreatic eruptions

The strength of subglacial and phreatic eruptions is varied. The eruptive mechanism is used to define them. Find facts about cinder cone volcanoes here.

Volcanic Eruption Facts 4: VEI

VEI is used for measuring the strength of eruption. The eruptive types are correlated with the magnitude scale, which has the range from zero to eight.

volcanic eruptions facts

volcanic eruptions facts

Volcanic Eruption Facts 5: the primary mechanism

There are three primary mechanisms of volcanic eruptions. The magmatic eruption is caused by the gas release under decompression. Phreatic eruptions are caused by the steam eruption. The phreatomagmatic eruptions are caused by the thermal contraction due to its contact with water.

Volcanic Eruption Facts 6: the explosive eruption

The magma and tephra are propelled by the gas driven explosion. It is called explosive eruption. If the explosive eruption is not significant, it is included in effusive eruption. Check facts about Shield Volcanoes here.

volcanic eruptions

volcanic eruptions

Volcanic Eruption Facts 7: the strength

The strength of volcanic eruption is varied. It is not dangerous if the effusive eruption is only defined with fluid lava flows or Laval fountains.

Volcanic Eruption Facts 8: the Hawaiian eruptions

The beginning of the Hawaiian eruptions is mostly at the rift zones. The fracture zones mostly define the beginning of a number of strong Surtseyan eruptions.

volcanic eruption

volcanic eruption

Volcanic Eruption Facts 9: the VEI of volcanic eruption

Most volcanic eruptions are ranging from zero to 2 according to VEI.

Volcanic Eruption Facts 10: the Hawaiian activity

Some volcanoes, which have the Hawaiian activity, are Mount Mihara, Mount Etna and Puʻu ʻŌʻō cinder.

volcanic eruption pictures

volcanic eruption pictures

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