10 Interesting Haiti Earthquake Facts

Monday, March 10th 2014. | Disasters

Haiti Earthquake facts provide the information about the earthquake damaged the country few years ago. It is considered as the biggest one earth since 1770. There are many people died after the earthquake. Many international organizations help Haiti to recover the from the earthquake. Find out more about Haiti earthquake in the following post below:

Haiti Earthquake Facts 1: Haiti earthquake

The Haiti earthquake occurred at 4:53 pm on 12th January 2010. The epicenter of the earthquake is located 10 miles away to the west of Porte-au-Prince. The earthquake has 7.0 magnitudes.

Haiti Earthquake Facts 2 the victims

After this big earthquake, there are three million inhabitants in Haiti needed to be evacuated and helped immediately.

Haiti Beach

Haiti Beach

Haiti Earthquake Facts 3: aftershocks

There were 33 aftershocks after the major earthquake.  The magnitude is various. It ranges around 4.2 to 5.9 magnitude.

Haiti Earthquake Facts 4: emergency aid

The emergency aid around $200,000 was approved by Inter American Development Bank to help the people in Haiti.

Haiti Earthquake Buildings

Haiti Earthquake Buildings

Haiti Earthquake Facts 5: Red Cross

The international help is very crucial for the people in Haiti. A relief team was sent from Geneva by the Red Cross organization.  There are two planes flying to Haiti to give the people the emergency food aid from the World Food Program of United Nation.

Haiti Earthquake Facts 6: building

There are many public buildings destroyed by the earthquake. The mayor of Port-au-Prince estimated that more than 60 percent of the buildings in the city cannot be used again due to the damage.   There were very unsafe.

Haiti Earthquake Pic

Haiti Earthquake Pic

Haiti Earthquake Facts 7: peacekeepers

Since 2004, there were 9,000 peacekeepers living in Haiti. The Brazilian peacekeepers were around 1,266 people.

Haiti Earthquake Facts 8: hurricanes or tropical storms

This country is not only affected with earthquake, but also tropical storms and hurricane in the past. It was in August and September 208 that the four separated disasters occurred in the area.

Haiti Earthquake Facts

Haiti Earthquake Facts

Haiti Earthquake Facts 9: Hurricane George

In September 1998, Haiti had to face the hurricane George

More than 80 percent of the crops that people plant were destroyed. The death toll is around 400 people. Haiti Earthquake

Facts 10: earthquake and death toll in 1946

It was in November 1946 that the earthquake in Haiti killed more than 1,790 people.

Haiti Earthquake

Haiti Earthquake

Earthquake is one of the disasters that people cannot avoid. What do you think on facts about Haiti earthquake?

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