10 Interesting Chernobyl Facts

Friday, November 29th 2013. | Disasters

Chernobyl facts still indeed may become so much uncommon for any people to understand. Yet, the fact is that more and more people have gained interest in learning more about Chernobyl. If you also gain interest, you need to read more about the facts below.

Chernobyl Facts 1: volunteers

In the disaster of Chernobyl, there were three brave volunteers who have the mission to open the pipe within the radioactive pool. The amount of volunteers is three who really have gained huge recognition among people actually.

Chernobyl Facts 2: their contribution

Those three volunteers indeed died after they conduct their brave mission. Yet, it is important to understand first in how they have prevented the explosion to become bigger indeed. If it is not because of their role, the explosion can be 10 times bigger than within Hiroshima.

Chernobyl  Accident

Chernobyl Accident

Chernobyl Facts 3: lead coffin

You may recognize that the dead of such disaster caused by the radiation were placed within lead coffin. The main reason is because they have suffered from huge radiation caused by the disaster. Lead coffin may prevent the radiation to be bigger.

Chernobyl Facts 4: radiation suit

Although radiation suit may become the best prevention in dealing with radiation for any people who clean the site, such suit only can last for 40 seconds. It means after 40 seconds, they cannot work safely within the area of radiation actually.

Chernobyl Disaster

Chernobyl Disaster

Chernobyl Facts 5: reading

Any of you who learn about the first explosion of such event indeed may recognize that the reading is 3.6. Such number of reading is measured within the control room. It actually indicates the safe unit indeed.

Chernobyl Facts 6: the fact about reading

Although the reading within such room is only 3.6, it was designed to do so. You may find out that the real reading is about 15,000.

Chernobyl victims

Chernobyl victims

Chernobyl Facts 7: shelter project

During the disaster, people may recognize that there is certain shelter project which had cost about $2 billion. The fact is that there is 29,000 metric ton of structure used to cover the reactor.

Chernobyl Facts 8:  preventing the leakage

The fact is that the effort in preventing the leakage may become bigger than the statue of liberty indeed. This has become so much interesting to deal with.



Chernobyl Facts 9: pripyat

You may notice that there is certain city which wasn’t told about the disaster even after 2 days of explosion. It is the Pripyat city which indeed may lead into many victims.

Chernobyl Facts 10: color eye changing

The fact is that the radiation was so intense and high which any firefighters have gained the eye color changing from brown to blue.

Chernobyl facts

Chernobyl facts

Disaster of Chernobyl indeed has become so much interesting to discuss. In this case, facts about Chernobyl will provide you with better information actually.

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