10 Interesting Melbourne Facts

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Melbourne Facts present the amazing facts about the city in Australia. If you want to visit Australia, you need to go to Melbourne because this city has a lot of things to offer. You can find out many tourists all over the world come to Melbourne. Here are facts about Melbourne for you:

Melbourne Facts 1: Batman and Melbourne

Batman is one of the most popular characters in the world. Not only kids but also adults like to watch Batman. Can you believe that batman actually come from Melbourne? You can find big flocks of bats making their way from Yarra Bend Park to CBD Melbourne.  The flock contains more than 60,000 bats.

Melbourne Facts 2: ‘Batmania’

‘Batmania’ actually was going to be used as a name for Melbourne in the past. It was derived from the name of John Batman. He was the founding father of this city. Find out bat facts here.

Melbourne  At Night

Melbourne At Night

Melbourne Facts 3: a good place to live

Melbourne is voted as one of the good places to live in Australia. The people in the city are served with high quality of environment, health care, stability, infrastructures, education and culture.

Melbourne Facts 4: the people in Melbourne

If you think that people living in Melbourne were born in the city, you are wrong. 38 percent of them actually were born overseas. You do not have to wonder that people say hello in different languages such as Namaste, Nihao or Merhaba.

Melbourne Facts

Melbourne Facts

Melbourne Facts 5: the major overseas people

Most people who live in England were born from UK, China, Greece, Vietnam, China and Italy. Therefore, you can find different cultures in Melbourne.

Melbourne Facts 6: speed limit

If you want to take a car in Melbourne, you need to know the speed limit in the city. It is around 31 kp per hour.

Melbourne Image

Melbourne Image

Melbourne Facts 7: Formula 1 Grand Prix race

Albert Park is the place of Formula 1 Grand Prix race. You can watch the famous racers in the world competing in Albert Park.

Melbourne Facts 8: Melbourne’s Luna Park

Melbourne’s Luna Park is one of the famous attractions in Melbourne.  It operates one of the oldest roller coasters in the world since 1911. One of the interesting jobs that this park offers to people is as a brakeman.

Melbourne Pic

Melbourne Pic

Melbourne Facts 9: Bourke Street

In Bourke Street, you can find the largest members based gay and lesbian community in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne Facts 10: the Eureka Tower

The Eureka Tower should be considered when you want to enjoy the skyline of Melbourne. It is considered as the second tallest building in Melbourne.

Melbourne Skyline

Melbourne Skyline

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