10 Interesting Kingston Jamaica Facts

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Kingston Jamaica facts give the information the capital city of Jamaica. The city is famous as the chief port in Jamaica. The location of the city is on the southwestern coast of the island.  If you want to know the history, natural harbor and resort in Kingston, read the whole post below:

Kingston Jamaica Facts 1: natural harbor

People will love to go to Kingston Jamaica and visit the natural harbor. This area is used as the tourist resort and recreational space. Many visitors come here to enjoy the wonderful scenic view on the harbor. Read Jamaica facts here.

Kingston Jamaica Facts 2: establishment

Kingston was established in 1692. The city was created to replace the Port Royal which was damaged because of earthquake in Jamaica. The location of port was at the mouth of the harbor.

Kingston Jamaica Facts

Kingston Jamaica Facts

Kingston Jamaica Facts 3: function of the city

The old city of Kingston in the past had special pattern and style. It was planned with the core of the city with grid patterned streets. It became the commercial capital in 1703. Then it was picked as the political capital in 1872.

Kingston Jamaica Facts 4: fire and earthquake

The people living in Jamaica were suffered a lot since the disasters occurred here.  The city was almost damaged by the fire. The violent earthquake destroyed the city in January 1907.

Kingston Jamaica Pic

Kingston Jamaica Pic

Kingston Jamaica Facts 5: The Church of St. Thomas

The Church of St. Thomas is one of the important buildings in Kingston. It was located on the King Street.  The building was destroyed after the earthquake but it was rebuilt by the people in 1907.

Kingston Jamaica Facts 6: dead people

It was reported that 800 inhabitants died because of the earthquake in 1907. The buildings located on the south of Parade in Kingston were destroyed.

Kingston Jamaica Skyline

Kingston Jamaica Skyline

Kingston Jamaica Facts 7: population

The people living in St Andrew parish were 555,828 in 2001. The Kingston Parish was inhabited by 96,052 people.

Kingston Jamaica Facts 8: Commonwealth Games

One of the big events conducted at Kingston was Commonwealth Games.  The event was celebrated in 1966.

Kingston Jamaica View

Kingston Jamaica View

Kingston Jamaica Facts 9: ethnicity

Most people living in Kingston, Jamaica are African descent. However, there are a number of ethnicity living here such as Chinese and East Indian people.

Kingston Jamaica Facts 10: Christian churches

In the city of Kingston, you can find many Christian churches. The churches were the legacy from the British colonization.

Kingston Jamaica

Kingston Jamaica

Kingston is located in a strategic position. Red Hills, Blue Mountains, Kingston Harbors and Long Mountain border the city. Do you want to add more ideas on facts about Kingston?

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