10 Interesting Preston Facts

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Let me show you one of the interesting cities in the world in Preston Facts.  It is estimated that Preston was inhabited by 129,000 people. In 1965, the first Kentucky fried chicken shop was opened for the first time in Preston. If you are interested to get more facts about Preston, check out the following post below:

Preston Facts 1: the town’s city bus station

One of the largest bus stations in Europe was located in town’s city bus station. However, you will never see it again since it was bulldozed as a part of redevelopment site.

Preston Facts 2: the M6

The M6 is the Preston bypass.  It took the record as the first motorway construction in the country.

Preston Facts

Preston Facts

Preston Facts 3: Sopie Mcdonnell

Sopie Mcdonnell is the famous person from Preston. She entered a Eurovision song contest in 1999.

Preston Facts 4: black horse pub

If you visit Friargate, you have to come to black horse pub. It is the only pub in the city which has 3 public exits and entrances on three different streets.

Preston Museum

Preston Museum

Preston Facts 5: The first Mormons

Ribbel Ribble in Avenham Park was used as the place to baptize the first Mormons outside America.  The event took place in 30th July 1837. There were nine converts baptized on the site near the river. Elder Kimball was the Mormon missionary who baptized them. The site in the river was selected because no Preston clergyman was allowed to do the baptism inside the church. Get facts about Perth here to know another interesting city in Australia.

Preston Facts 6: The highest ever score in English football

The record of the highest ever score in English football was taken by Preston North End. The club can beat Hyde United in FA Cup on October 15, 1887. The final score is 26-0.

Preston Road

Preston Road

Preston Facts 7: Liberty X

Do you know that Jessica from Liberty X is from Penwortham Preston?

Preston Facts 8: John Inman

John Inman is another Preston man. He was famous as the Mr. Humphries in Are You Being Served.



Preston Facts 9: Arthur Wharton

Arthur Wharton is the first black player in English professional football. He was a PNE’s keeper in 1886.

Preston Facts 10: JF Mitchell

JF Mitchell is another famous player from Preston. This man was called as the first and last player who wore glasses in FA Cup Final. His position was a goalkeeper in 1922. Check another famous city in Prague facts.

Facts about Preston

Facts about Preston

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