10 Interesting Vienna Austria Facts

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Let me show you the useful information about the largest city and capital of Austria on Vienna Austria Facts. The city is a home for at least 1.8 million people. The metropolitan area is inhabited by 2.6 million people. It serves as the center of politics, economy and culture.  It earned the status as the largest German-speaking city in the world in early twentieth century. Now Berlin takes the status as the first largest German-speaking city, while Vienna earns the second place.

Vienna Austria Facts 1: the international organizations

OPEC and United Nations are the two organizations hosted in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna Austria Facts 2: the location of Vienna

Vienna shares its border with other countries such as Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic due to its eastern location.

Facts about Vienna Austria

Facts about Vienna Austria

Vienna Austria Facts 3: the metropolitan region

The metropolitan region is formed between Vienna and Bratislava.  It becomes a home for 3 million people. Get facts about Verona Italy here.

Vienna Austria Facts 4: the city center

The World Heritage Site status is given by UNESCO for the city center of Vienna in 2001.

Vienna Austria

Vienna Austria

Vienna Austria Facts 5: the nickname

Vienna is called as the City of Dreams because of Sigmund Freud. He was the first psychoanalyst in the world. However, people also call it as the City of Music due to the music legacy. The city is always considered as music center in Europe.

Vienna Austria Facts 6: the architectural design

The architectural design in Vienna is marvelous.  You can see the beauty of parks, monuments, grand buildings, baroque gardens, and castles at the historic center of Vienna.



Vienna Austria Facts 7: the quality of life

The quality of life in Vienna is high. It is included in the list of the livable cities in the world long with San Francisco in United States and Vancouver in Canada.

Vienna Austria Facts 8: destination

Vienna is a popular destination in the world. More than 3.7 million tourists per year visited the city. The international congresses and conventions are often held in the city too.

Vienna Austria Center

Vienna Austria Center

Vienna Austria Facts 9: the economy

Vienna has great economy. The service sector industry is the primary source of economy.  The locals also produce wines. The manufacturing goods, housing, real estate and technological services are the other important business sectors. Find facts about Venice Italy here.

Vienna Austria Facts 10: the new companies

Every year, new companies are set up in the city. Most of them focus on the new media, communication and information technologies and wholesale trade.

Vienna Austria Facts

Vienna Austria Facts

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