10 Interesting Verona Italy Facts

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The city located on the Adige River of Veneto, Italy is explained on Verona Italy Facts. In northeast Italy, Verona is called as the third largest city. It is a home for at least 265,000 people.  The metropolitan area of Verona is inhabited by 714,274 people. It spans on the area of 550.58 square miles or 1,426 km square. People love Verona. There is no need to wonder that many tourists like to come to the city. Find out the detail information about Verona below:

Verona Italy Facts 1: the primary attractions in Verona

Verona is popular among the international and national tourists due to various attractions, operas, shows and fairs. The Romans constructed the ancient amphitheatre in Verona.

Verona Italy Facts 2: Shakespeare

Shakespeare is the famous playwright in the world. Do you know that Verona is used as the setting for three plays of Shakespeare? They are The Taming of the Shrew, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and Romeo and Juliet. The plays inspire the visitors to come to Verona even though people do not know whether the playwright had ever visited Verona before. Look at facts about Veneto here.

Verona Italy Beauty

Verona Italy Beauty

Verona Italy Facts 3: World Heritage Site

UNESCO granted Verona with World Heritage Site status because of its amazing urban architecture and structure.

Verona Italy Facts 4: climate

Living in Verona is amazing due to its humid subtropical climate. The winter is humid and cold. The summer season is hot.

Verona Italy Pic

Verona Italy Pic

Verona Italy Facts 5: the people in Verona

The city was a home for 265,368 people in 2009. The female accounted for 52.4 percent, while the male made up for 47.6 percent.

Verona Italy Facts 6: religion

The most dominant religion in the city is Roman Catholic. Now the city is also a home for some Muslims and Orthodox Christians due to immigration.

Verona Italy

Verona Italy

Verona Italy Facts 7: the Arena

The Arena is the Roman amphitheater housed in Verona.  The building sits at the Piazza Bra. It is the largest piazza in the city. It has the width of 110 meters and length of 139 meters. It features 44 tiers of marble seats. During the ancient time, the arena hosted ludi.

Verona Italy Facts 8: the important people

The important people from Verona include the composer Marc’ Antonio Ingegneri, theologian Romano Guardini, poet Aleardo Aleardi, and mathematician Gino Fano. Get facts about Venice Italy here.

Verona Italy Facts

Verona Italy Facts

Verona Italy Facts 9: the buses

ATV or Azienda Trasporti Verona is the provincial public transport company, which operates the buses in Verona.

Verona Italy Facts 10: Marmi Lanza Verona

Marmi Lanza Verona is the volleyball team from Verona.

facts about Verona Italy

facts about Verona Italy

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