10 Interesting Mario Facts

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Mario Facts present the information about the Super Mario Bros. This game was very famous all over the world in the past. Not only kids, but also adults loved to play this fabulous game. Let’s find out the facts behind the fame of Mario Bros by reading the following post below:

Mario Facts 1: the most famous game

There is no game which ever beats Super Mario Bros for more than 20 years. It became the most famous and popular game in the world until it was surpassed with Nintendo and Wii Sport.

Mario Facts 2: the culture symbols

The fame of super Mario bros made other people produce the similar games. But the popularity of this game was not reduced. Until these present days, the music, background and enemies in the game become the cultural symbols.

Mario Facts

Mario Facts

Mario Facts 3: Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land was the Game Boy released in 1989.  It is the first game of Mario developed without the cooperation with Miyamoto. In the game, the audiences were introduced with a new character Princess Daisy. The game was sold more than 18 million copies.

Mario Facts 4: Princess Peach

Princess Peach was the usual love interest of Mario Bros. In Super Mario Land, this character was replaced by Princess Daisy.

Mario Game

Mario Game

Mario Facts 5: Super Mario Bros

The popularity of Super Mario Bros made the Hollywood production interested to create the movie version. In 1993, the movie was released but it was a flop.  The movie stars were Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper.

Mario Facts 6: Charles Martinet

Charles Martinet was the voice of Mario since 1995. This man also dubbed the voice of Luigi and Wario.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart

Mario Facts 7: Guinness Book of Records

Do you know that Super Mario Bros game series is included in Guinness Book of Records? It is sold more than 240 million units which make the game hold the most successful gaming franchise of all time.

Mario Facts 8: video games

Mario was a character used in more than 200 games.

Mario Pic

Mario Pic

Mario Facts 9: Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan had a connection with Super Mario Bros. You can find the jumpy happy star in the movie Wheels on Meals or Spartan X. It was inspired by the jumping agility of Mario. Find out Jackie Chan facts here.

Mario Facts 10: Shigeru Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of Mario. This man was hired by Nintendo in 1977 as the graphic artist.

Super Mario

Super Mario

If you think about Mario, you will always associate him with a jump man. Today, many people are still interested to play Mario Bros game. Are you interested with facts about Mario?

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