10 Interesting Blood Brothers Facts

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Find the Blood Brothers facts if you are a fan of this musical performance. The final of this series occurred in the town hall. It was very dramatic because all casts in the series sing the final song entitled “Tell Me It’s Not True”. Let see more facts by checking on the following post below:

Blood Brothers Facts 1: Linda

Linda is the name of the name of the girl that the twins love. At first this girl marries Mickey. Then she has a romantic relation with Eddie.

Blood Brothers Facts 2: Eddie

Eddie was suspended from his school because he wore a locket. It made his secret with Mrs. Johnstone was known by Eddie’s mother.

Blood Brothers Cast

Blood Brothers Cast

Blood Brothers Facts 3: date of birth of the twins

The twins in Blood Brother were born on 18th July. When Mickey found out that he was born in similar date with Eddie, he decided to become his blood brother.

Blood Brothers Facts 4: Shoes upon the Table

“Shoes upon the Table” was sung by the narrator.  This song was about the superstition haunted Mrs. Johnston.

Blood Brothers facts

Blood Brothers facts

Blood Brothers Facts 5: My Child

“My Child” is a song sung by Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Johnstone. In this song, Mrs. Lyons made a promise to Mrs. Johnstone that she would take care her son well.

Blood Brothers Facts 6: Mrs. Johnston

Mrs. Johnstone was the biological mother of Eddie. She has to give one of his babies because she could not afford to raise them. So she gave his baby to Mrs. Lyons since she cannot have a child.

Blood Brothers Performance

Blood Brothers Performance

Blood Brothers Facts 7: Johnstone family

Johnstone family was relocated from their old house Liverpool. They moved to 65 Skelmersdale Lane.

Blood Brothers Facts 8: birds

Edward sings the song “That Guy”. It reminds us that he saw birds in two locations, in the magazines and dreams.

Blood Brothers Musical

Blood Brothers Musical

Blood Brothers Facts 9: shooting

After the shooting, Mickey was totally depressed. To cure his condition, the doctor gave him tablets to reduce the depressed condition.

Blood Brothers Facts 10: marriage

Mickey marries Linda after the Christmas celebration. Mrs. Johnstone marries Teddy. Both met each other in a club.

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers

In UK tour, Linda Nolan who played as Mrs. Johnstone was suffered from breast cancer. However, she was still performed the character. She did it as she could before she went in chemotherapy. Do you have any other info on facts about Blood Brother?

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