10 Interesting Lead Facts

Saturday, June 7th 2014. | Science

If you like studying about science, you need to read Lead facts. Lead is one of the properties in periodic table. This metal has been used not only today but also in the past. There is no need to wonder that human being is familiar with lead. If you feel strange about the metal, check the detail facts about Lead below:

Lead Facts 1: chemical element

As I have stated before, lead is one of the chemical elements in the periodic table. The atomic number of lead is 82, while it is symbolized in Pb.

Lead Facts 2: symbol

If you look at the periodic table, you can find lead in the symbol of Pb. The name was derived from the word plumbum from the Latin name. The word, plumber or plumbing in English were taken from the Latin word of plumbum.

Lead Facts

Lead Facts

Lead Facts 3: easy to work with

Many people are familiar to work with lead because it is easy to handle. Since the ancient time, people had used lead. They extracted lead from ore.

Lead Facts 4: characteristics of lead

Have you found out the characteristics of lead? This metal is heavy, ductile, malleable and soft.  If the lead is exposed to air, it has a dull gray color. If it is not exposed to air, it usually comes in bluish white color.

Lead Image

Lead Image

Lead Facts 5: liquid

If the lead is made in its liquid form, it comes in shining chrome silver color. Many industries use lead for various purposes because the metal is anti corrosion.

Lead Facts 6: function of lead in ancient roman era

The usage of lead can be seen in ancient roman era. When people want to join pins from limestone to build blocks, they will use lead. This material is also important to make plumbing pipes.

Lead Metal

Lead Metal

Lead Facts 7: tin and lead

The ancient people had difficulty when they want to differentiate between lead and tin. Most of them called tin as plumbum candidum because it was considered as the bright lead. On the other hand, the lead was called as plumbum nigrum or black lead.

Lead Facts 8: production of lead

The countries which produce the most lead include China, Australia and United States.  Other countries were Sweden, Canada, Peru and South Africa.

Lead Pic

Lead Pic

Lead Facts 9: boiling and melting point

The boiling point of lead is 3,180.2 °F (1,749 °C).  It has the melting point of 621.4 °F (327.46 °C).

Lead Facts 10: natural production

It is not common to find lead as a free metal in our nature. Usually lead is found with silver, copper and zinc. Learn more on element facts here.



In this present day, the industries use lead to make electrodes for the lead acid car batteries. Are you interested reading facts about lead?

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