10 Interesting Germany Facts

Sunday, February 9th 2014. | Countries

Find out one of the most interesting countries in the world in Germany facts. Germany is often associated with the country of Oktoberfest, sausages and beer. The Bavarian country is very interesting. You can enjoy a lot of unique and antique buildings here. Let me show you some interesting Germany facts below:

Germany Facts 1: beer

The first consumer of beer of course is the Irish people. The German people are located in the second place of the largest beer consumer in the world. In this country, beer is considered as the official drink. However, the famous footballer Michael Ballack does not like drinking beer.

Germany Facts 2:    Chancellor Angela Merkel

One of the most famous women in Germany is Chancellor Angela Merkel. This woman has a Barbie doll made based on her name and appearance.

Germany facts

Germany facts

Germany Facts 3: Muller

Muller is considered as the most popular surname in Germany. You can find many people having this surname.

Germany Facts 4: name of Germany

There are several names attached to Germany. In the past, this country was often called as the Kingdom of Prussia, Holy Roman Empire and the Weimer Republic.

Germany Nazi

Germany Nazi

Germany Facts 5: bread

Bread is one of the most popular foods in Germany. You can find more than 30 different kinds of bread in the country. If you want to know more about bread, you can visit bread museum here.

Germany Facts 6: language

German language is also popular around the world even though it is only ranked as the third most commonly taught language. The first and second ones are English and French.

Germany Pic

Germany Pic

Germany Facts 7: Hugo Boss

The one designed the official uniform of Hitler Youth and Nazi Party was Hugo Boss.

Germany Facts 8: the official language

German language is not only used as the official language in Germany, but also in some countries. Those are Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. The people living in Lorraine and Alsace in France also speak German.



Germany Facts 9: famous people from Germany

There are several famous people from Germany. Those are Rudolf Diesel, Pope Benedict XVI, Thomas Mann, Richard Wagner, Hitler, Levi Strauss, and many more.

Germany Facts 10: Berlin

The capital city of Germany is Berlin. Compared to Paris, it is nine times bigger.

If you decide to visit Germany, you can find out that most taxis in the country are Mercedes. This country is the home to more than 400 zoos. You can also find 1000 different kinds of sausages here. Do you find that the facts about Germany are fascinating?

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