10 Interesting USA Facts

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The USA Facts below give you more insights about one of the most powerful countries in the world. It will be interesting to learn more about this influential country. We know that US is a great country in term of economy, education and social. Here are facts about USA.

USA Facts 1: States in US

Unites States of America has 50 states. The largest state based on the area is Alaska. It spans on 663,268 square miles. The smallest one is seen on Rhode Island. It only has 1,545 square miles.

USA Facts 2: Alaska

Visiting Alaska will be fun to do with your spouse or family. There are many natural landscapes to enjoy during the winter time. The longest coastline in US is called in Alaska. It is measured at 6,640 miles. Get more info with cold country in Russian facts.

New York

New York

USA Facts 3: Bristlecone Pine Trees

Many people believe that the oldest living thing in the world is Bristlecone pine trees. The trees can be seen spreading around US. You can see them on New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, California, Arizona and Colorado. The oldest one is located in Sweden.

USA Facts 4: Climate

The climate in US is varied. If you go to Nevada and Arizona, you can feel the hot climate.  The regions are dominated with mountain ranges and desert. If you want to enjoy milder climate, you can go to the west coast.



USA Facts5: Royal palace

The only state in US which had a monarch is Hawaii. The royal palace is called in Honolulu. The monarch was over in 1893. It was led by King Kealakekua and Queen Lili’uokalani. Now you can see that Lolani Palace is a museum. Turkey facts give you detail info about wonderful kingdom and palaces.

USA Facts 6: No Official Language

Even though you see that most people living in US speak English, the country actually has no official language.

USA Facts

USA Facts

USA Facts 7: Mountain

If you visit Hawaii, you can gather more info about the tallest mountain in the world if it is measured from the sea floor level. It is called as Mount Kea. It has the height around 13,796 feet above the sea level.

USA Facts 8: The Hottest Temperature

The hottest temperature in US was experienced in Death Valley. It was recorded on 10 July 1913 with the temperature at 56 C or 134 F.

Liberty Statue

Liberty Statue

USA Facts 9: The Lowest Temperature

The lowest temperature was recorded on Alaska at Prospect Creek on 23 January 1971. It had -62 C or -80 F.

USA Facts 10: Crater Lake

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in US. You visit this lake on Oregon. The depth of the lake is around 589 meter to 1,932 feet. It is called as the seventh deepest lake in the world. The Crater Lake is believed to form during the eruption of Mount Mazam occurred 8,000 years ago.

National Flag of USA

National Flag of USA

If you have gone to US you will be impressed with the building and skyscraper. This country is developed now. You can go to the countryside area located in Vermont or Missouri to enjoy the relaxing air. Do you want to add more facts about USA?

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