10 Interesting Iran Facts

Friday, April 11th 2014. | Countries

Iran facts give the interesting information about a western Asian country. Iran has the official name of Islamic Republic of Iran. Based on the size of the area, Iran comes in the 18th position.  In 1979, the monarchy in Iran was over thrown by Ayatollah Khomeini. He was the supreme leader in the country. Here are the interesting facts about Iran:

Iran Facts 1: borders

Iran shares border with many different countries. Some of them include Pakistan Persian Gulf, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Gulf of Oman, and Afghanistan.

Iran Facts 2: Tehran

Tehran is the largest city in Iran. It is also the capital city in the country.

Iran facts

Iran facts

Iran Facts 3: name

The word Iran comes from the Persian language. It means the Land of Aryans. In the past, people called Iran as Persia. The civilization in Iran is considered as the oldest one in the world. It can be traced back around 4,000 BC.

Iran Facts 4: import and export

The items that Iran Imports from other countries include technical services, consumer goods, foodstuff, supplies, and capital goods. The exported items of Iran are petrochemical, chemical, carpets, nuts and fruits.

Iran Football

Iran Football

Iran Facts 5: house

If you visit the house in Iran, you will never see any tables and chairs. The people prefer to sit on the cushion when they eat and sit.

Iran Facts 6: rules

Wearing neckties in Iran is forbidden. Most households in Iran do not have any television for TV is banned in the country.

Iran Technology

Iran Technology

Iran Facts 7: Hijab

Let’s talk about the clothing in the country. When the girls are in the age of nine years old, they have to wear hijab when they come out in public.

Iran Facts 8: wind mills

The first country who built wind mills is Iran. The look of the wind mills was in large wheel paddles. That’s why Iran is considered as the pioneer of this wind energy.

Iran Women

Iran Women

Iran Facts 9: Iran Contra scandal

Iran Contra scandal was very famous in the past. During the Iran and Iraq war, US supported Iraq.  The country forbade other countries to sell weapons to Iran. Unfortunately, US was captured selling weapon to Iran.

Iran Facts 10: Persian cat

One of the oldest cat breeds in the world is the Persian cat.  The cat is beautiful because it has long silky fur.



Sigheh is the short term marriage. In some Shia schools, Sigheh is allowed. This contract marriage can last for hours or years. What do you think on facts about Iran?

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