10 Interesting Steam Engine Facts

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If you are interested to know the heat engine which can be used to conduct the mechanical work, check Steam Engine Facts.  Throwing fluid for this steam engine is used to power engine. It was around 2000 years ago that people generated the mechanical works by using the boiling water. However, the old devices were too practical to use. Let’s check other interesting facts about steam engine by reading the below post:

Steam Engine Facts 1: the first steam engine

The first steam engine was patented in 1606 by Jerónimo de Ayanz y Beaumont. He was a Spanish inventor.

Steam Engine Facts 2: Thomas Savery

The patent of steam pump was given to Thomas Savery in 1698.  The device worked by having the water pumped and had direct contact with steam.

Steam Engine Image

Steam Engine Image

Steam Engine Facts 3: the ways Savery’s pump worked

Let’s check the ways the Savery’s steam pump worked.  It created vacuum by using the condensing steam.  Then the water would be drawn into a chamber. The water would be pumped after the pressurized steam was applied.

Steam Engine Facts 4: the first commercial steam engine

In 1712, the first commercial true steam engine was made. It was used to pump in a mine by using a piston. It was the atmospheric engine made by Thomas Newcomen.

Steam Engine Picture

Steam Engine Picture

Steam Engine Facts 5: James Watt

The steam engine which generated the continuous rotary motion was made by James Watt in 1781. There are several manufacturing machines which could be powered by the steam engine of James Watt. It produced 100 horsepower. Get facts about James Watt here.

Steam Engine Facts 6: the site for the steam engine

The engine of James Watt was possible to place everywhere. Most people located the engine on the place where they could find out the wood fuel, coal and water easily.

Steam Engine

Steam Engine

Steam Engine Facts 7: the hot horsepower

It was possible for the people to get 10,000 horsepower from the steam engine by 1883.

Steam Engine Facts 8: the machines

There were various machines that people could power using the steam engine. Those included the railway locomotives and traction engines.

Steam Engine History

Steam Engine History

Steam Engine Facts 9: the industrial revolution

The industrial revolution happened because of the steam engine. When the water power was unavailable, the industries were able to use the steam engine. Find facts about engineering here.

Steam Engine Facts 10: the external combustion engine

The example of the external combustion engine is the steam engine. The combustion products are separated from the working fluid. The people may use the geothermal energy, nuclear power or solar power. All of them are included in non combustion heat sources.

Steam Engine Pic

Steam Engine Pic

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