10 Interesting the Keyboard Facts

Monday, August 1st 2016. | Technology

A typewriter styled device used in a computer is explained on The Keyboard Facts. This tool serves as an electronic switch or a mechanical lever for it features keys or buttons. The main input device for a computer is a keyboard after the usage of paper tape and punch cards are declined. The keys on a keyboard have printed or engraved characters. A single written symbol is corresponded for each press of the key. Check other interesting facts about the keyboard:

The Keyboard Facts 1: the production of symbols

You need to press and hold some keys in sequence or simultaneously if you want to generate some symbols on the computer screen.

The Keyboard Facts 2: the types of symbols

Characters, signs, numbers and letters are the symbols produced by most computers. There are some keys used to execute commands or even produce actions on computers.

Keyboard Images

Keyboard Images

The Keyboard Facts 3: the importance of keyboard

keyboard is still important for people who to input the alphanumeric data into computer even though the developments of technology allow the people to use voice recognition, character recognition, pen device, touchscreen and mouse. Keyboard is more effective.

The Keyboard Facts 4: computer gaming

When a person wants to do a computer gaming, he or she will use the keyboard. They can use the keyboard equipped with particular gaming features.

Keyboard Characters

Keyboard Characters

The Keyboard Facts 5: the command

As I have stated before, keyboard can be used to execute command. You can shut down the computer by pressing a particular keystroke combination.

The Keyboard Facts 6: the design of keyboard

The design of keyboard is taken from two functional devices. Both are keypunches and teletypes or teleprinters.

Computer Keyboard

Computer Keyboard

The Keyboard Facts 7: the size of keyboard

The duplicate keys and spacing of keys are factors which define the size of a keyboard. A keypad is a keyboard with few keys.  Find facts about technology here.

The Keyboard Facts 8: the size of key

The size of standard key on an alphanumeric keyboard is around 0.750 inches. The size of a key travel is 3.81 mm or 0.15 inches.

The Keyboard Facts

The Keyboard Facts

The Keyboard Facts 9: the desktop computer keyboard

You can find numbers, punctuation symbols, and alphabetic characters on the desktop computer keyboards. They also include Windows keys and command keys. Get facts about iphone 6 here.

The Keyboard Facts 10: the PC keyboard

The PC keyboard is available in three options. Those are the keyboard with 101 keys, the AT keyboard and original PC keyboard with 84 keys.

Keyboard Pictures

Keyboard Pictures

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