10 Interesting Mask Facts

Sunday, July 13th 2014. | Culture

If you want to know interesting art that people can wear, you have to read Mask Facts.  One of the most popular and famous masks in the world is the African mask. You can find it interesting for it comes in various colors. The shape and texture of mask is unique. It is not only an art, but it is a part of ceremony. Here are facts about mask for you:

Mask Facts 1: function of African mask

Can you tell me the function of African mask? People can wear it in some social events and traditional ceremonies such as wedding or funeral. The African mask presents a special meaning in the ceremony.

Mask Facts 2: modern mask

There are many modern masks used by people for special function. The face diving mask is used by people for a breathing tool for the divers. When you are under water, it will be easy for you to breathe.

Mask Devil

Mask Devil

Mask Facts 3: oxygen mask

Another high technology mask is called the oxygen mask which is used by the high altitude pilot.   Patients also use it to get the oxygen.

Mask Facts 4: welding mask

Another type of functional mask is a welding mask. It is used by the welder for face protection during the welding. If they don’t use the welding mask, the sparks and brightness can damage the face.

Mask Facts

Mask Facts

Mask Facts 5: American footballer

Mask is also important in some sports. Do you know that an American footballer has to use mask to protect the face during the game? It can avoid any punch from another hand’s player.

Mask Facts 6: Balaclava

If you have to go to the ski area which is very cold and full of snow, you will need Balaclava. It is called a ski mask that can protect your face again the cold air. You can avoid frost bite by wearing this mask.

Mask for Fashion

Mask for Fashion

Mask Facts 7: Kendo

The Japanese mask used in the sword fighting martial art is called Kendo.  The Japanese people look cool by wearing this face mask protection.

Mask Facts 8: decorative mask

The decorative mask can be seen in various traditional mask of African and Mexican culture. It usually is painted in various colors such as red, yellow, black or green. The African mask usually is decorated with feather, animal teeth, sea shells, animal’s hair, straws and many more.

Mask Gold

Mask Gold

Mask Facts 9: material to make the African mask

There are several materials that can be used to create the African masks such as light stone, copper, bronze, pottery, fabric and many more. Check African masks facts here.

Mask Facts 10: cultural value

The African mask has a cultural value.  The mask which represents the authority and strength is Gabon Large Mouth.

Mask Pic

Mask Pic

The traditional mask coming from Africa, Mexico, Japan, or China is often used by people as a wall hanging at home. It can create unique style. Do you have any opinion on facts about Mask?

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