10 Interesting Italian Culture Facts

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Italian culture facts give the interesting facts about the history, behavior, food and special occasion that Italian people have in their everyday life. If you visit Italy, you need to observe the daily life of the people.  You need to taste the wonderful Italian food such as espresso, pizza, pasta and cheese. Look at the facts below to give you more information about Italian culture.

Italian Culture Facts 1: name day

You will be amazed with a name day in Italy. People love to celebrate their name. This special occasion is called onomastico. People will get present in this day.

Italian Culture Facts 2: food serving for lunch

Lunch is very important for the Italian people. They call this eating time as il pranzo. It is considered as the main meal of the day. People can start the lunch by easting l’antipasto. It is a nibble topped with salami, cheese and olives.

Italian Culture

Italian Culture

Italian Culture Facts 3: lunch

After you have l’antipasto, you need to eat the first course called l’ primo. People usually serve you with minestore or pasta. Then you need to have the second course. The waiter will give your fish or meat mixed with veggies and salad.

Italian Culture Facts 4: drink for lunch

The lunch is not complete if you do not have any desert. You will be served with a fruit. For the drink, you can get espresso coffee.

Italian Culture and Dance

Italian Culture and Dance

Italian Culture Facts 5: foods

The foods that most people in UK do not eat are eaten in the country. Some of them include sea urchin, snails, donkey, wild boar, rabbit, guinea pig, goat, hedgehog, squid, peacock, octopus and se nails.

Italian Culture Facts 6: la prima colazione

La prima colazione is the breakfast in Italian word. When you have breakfast, it is okay for you to drink milky coffee. It means that you can order cafe latté and cappuccino.

Italian Culture facts

Italian Culture facts

Italian Culture Facts 7: milky coffee

One of the unique behaviors of Italian people when drinking their milky coffee is dunking the biscuit or cakes inside the coffee.

Italian Culture Facts 8: kinds of interesting foods

There are some interesting cuisines in Italy. You can eat pan did Spagna/ plain sponge cake, zuppa inglese/ triffle, and frutti di mare/ sea food.

Italian Culture Food

Italian Culture Food

Italian Culture Facts 9: Buon appetito

Before you eat your meal on the table, it is better for you to say Buon appetito. It means good appetite.

Italian Culture Facts 10: bocca al lupo

Bocca al lupo means in the wolf’s mouth. You say it when you want someone has a good luck.

Italian Culture and Tradition

Italian Culture and Tradition

If you wish someone has bad luck, you can say break a leg. Do you have any opinion on facts about Italian culture?

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