10 Interesting the United Nations Facts

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The United Nations Facts tell us about the intergovernmental organization in the world. League of Nations was replaced by United Nations after it was dissolved due to the onset of the Second World War. The international co-operation is promoted by UN. After the Second World War, United Nations was founded on October 24th, 1945. Let us check other useful facts about United Nations below:

The United Nations Facts 1: the members of UN

Today, UN has 193 members. It had 51 members at the time of its foundation.

The United Nations Facts 2: the headquarters

Manhattan, New York City, United States is the home of UN’s headquarters. It receives the status as the extraterritoriality.  The main offices of UN are located in Vienna, Nairobi and Geneva.

the united nations

the united nations

The United Nations Facts 3: fund

The member states will finance United Nations voluntarily.

The United Nations Facts 4: the goals of United Nations

There are various goals of United Nations. When there is armed conflict, natural disaster and famine, the organization will try to provide the humanitarian aid. It also concerns for protecting the environment, promoting human rights, maintaining the international peace, and improving the economy.

the united nations ny

the united nations ny

The United Nations Facts 5: the draft of UN Charter

In April to June 1945, the conference to draft the Charter of United Nations was conducted. On 24 October 1945, it was officially applied. Then the operation of UN was started.

The United Nations Facts 6: the world peace

It is not easy for UN to maintain the world peace. It was established to prevent any other world war. However, UN was put in difficult situation due to the Cold War, which occurred between Soviet Union and United States. The military and peacekeeping missions were performed post Cold War. Check facts about the RNLI here.

facts about the united nations

facts about the united nations

The United Nations Facts 7: the major actions of UN

UN proves its influence by taking some major actions. The establishment of the state of Israel in 1947 was approved by UN. It also took part in the mission in Congo and Korea.

The United Nations Facts 8: the United System Agencies

UNICEF, UNESCO, World Health Organization, World Bank Group and World Food Programme are included in the United Nations System agencies. Get facts about the Judicial Branch here.

the united nations facts

the united nations facts

The United Nations Facts 9: the Secretary-General

Since 2007, Ban Ki-moon has taken the position as the Secretary-General in UN. He is a South Korean.

The United Nations Facts 10: Nobel Prize

In 2001, United Nations was awarded with a Nobel Peace Prize. Actually, some of its agencies and officers also won the award.

kofi annan

kofi annan

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