10 Interesting Fair Trade Facts

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Fair Trade facts are basic information related to the way people can shop for simpler and cheaper ways. Fair trade is common among people. Yet, many of them still don’t know about some facts to discuss here. So, let’s find out.

Fair Trade Facts 1: what is fair trade?

Fair trade is the movement of growing in the aspect of product category. It is conducted in many markets globally. Some people still don’t know about fair trade. There are other terms including Fairtrade Fortnight and also Fairtrade Foundation.

Fair Trade Facts 2: the concept

The next fact is about “fair trade” concept. This kind of concept occurred for more than 40 years ago. In that time, there was no labeling at all. The formal labeling occurred in the late 1980s.

Fair Trade Facts

Fair Trade Facts

Fair Trade Facts 3: the label

People recognize the term fair-trade as the certification or also labeling  used by FLO. It is used to describe whether the products are properly generated within the standards or not. In fact, the movement of fair-trade can identify both labeled and unlabelled goods.

Fair Trade Facts 4: first fair trade label

The first fair trade label was in 1988. The label name or brand was Max Havelaar. It was inspired by the Dutch fictional character. It is the rebel person who is against coffee pickers’ exploitation during Dutch colonies.

Fair Trade for Coffee

Fair Trade for Coffee

Fair Trade Facts 5: certified product

So, when was the first fair-trade certified product launched? It was in 1994. The name of the product is Green & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate.

Fair Trade Facts 6: FLO

FLO or Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International was established in 1997. It was in Bonn, Germany. The function of such organization is to unify any initiatives of labeling into one standard and global certification.

Fair Trade Gift

Fair Trade Gift

Fair Trade Facts 7: fair-trade town

UK has its own fair-trade town. It is the first in the world. It was in Garstang in 2001.

Fair Trade Facts 8:  the banana

If you visit UK, one of four bananas in supermarket is fair-trade having the sales topping of about US$298m. The data were recorded in 2007.

Fair Trade Logo

Fair Trade Logo

Fair Trade Facts 9: fair-trade certified producer organizations

In 2007, there were already 632 fair-trade certified producer organizations representing more that 1.4 m workers and farmers. They also represent 58 countries.

Fair Trade Facts 10: fair-trade schemes

It is about nineteen of 20 national fair-trade schemes which are affiliated to FLO.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Are you satisfied with facts above? If you don’t, you can conduct review later about it. Internet can become your best option to get more facts about fair trade.

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