10 Interesting Population Facts

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If you want to know the population in the world, you have to read Population Facts. Population of the people in the world is increased day by day. There is no need to wonder that the world is getting smaller due to the high intensity of the people living on earth. Here are facts about population for you:

Population Facts 1: the day of Five Billion

On 11 July 1987, the people celebrated the Day of Five Billion. On 12 October 1999, the people celebrated the Day of Six billion. The number suggested that the population of the world at that time.

Population Facts 2: the people who have lived

Can you count the people who have ever lived in the world? The Population Bureau stated that there were around 108 billion people have ever lived in the world.

Population Facts

Population Facts

Population Facts 3: one billion populations

The population of the popular in the world was estimated around 1 billion people in 1804.  In 1927, it reached 2 billion people. In 1960 and 1974, it was three and four billion respectively.

Population Facts 4: the world population

It is estimated that the people living on earth now are around 7.19 billion people. Every second, it increases 2.3 people.

Population in India

Population in India

Population Facts 5: eating with chopsticks

It is a very surprising fact to know that the population of the world who eat with chopsticks occupies 30 percent of the whole population in the world. Get facts about China here.

Population Facts 6: the number of mobile phones

In 2011, the report stated that the number of mobile mobiles produced on earth surpassed the number of the whole people.

Population People

Population People

Population Facts 7: half of the population

The half of the population in the world can be made up by the population of China, USA, India, Pakistan, Brazil and Indonesia. Check facts about India here.

Population Facts 8: the lowest population

The states with the lowest population in the world are Vatican City and Nauru. Nauru is inhabited by 9,378 people, and Vatican City is inhabited by 800 people.

Population Pictures

Population Pictures

Population Facts 9: Saint Lucia

Compared to any other countries in the world, most winners of Nobel Prize per head of population can be found in Saint Lucia.

Population Facts 10: the population in the ancient time

Do you know that the population in the world was only 400 million people in the year of 1000 AD?



Are you impressed with facts about population?

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